The Royal House of Glucksburg

Country: Denmark
Royal House Name: Glucksburg
Current Head: Queen Margrethe II  (born: April 16, 1940)
Consort: HRH Prince Henrik 
Reigned: since 1972
Successor: HRH Crown Prince Frederick 

DRESDEN, GERMANY - AUGUST 23:  Queen Margrethe II of Denmark visits the exhibition 'With Fortuna Over the Sea. Saxony and Denmark - Marriages and Alliances in the Mirror of Art (1548-1709)' next to a painting of Electress Anna of Saxony at the Dresden Residenzschloss on August 23, 2009 in Dresden, Germany. Queen Margrethe is on a two-day visit to Germany.  (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Queen Margrethe II 

The throne of Denmark is the oldest European royal house dating back from 899 when King Gorm took over the throne. The Danish throne has a complete royal house name of Schleswig-Holstein-Oldenburg-Sonderburg-Glucksburg. Prior to 20th century this royal house maintained a salic law prohibiting a woman from succeeding the throne but in 1940’s when the royal family realized that Queen Ingrid could no longer provide the throne with a male heir, the government changed its succession rule to primogeniture giving way to King Frederick IX’s eldest daughter, Margrethe, from succeeding.

The multiple name of the royal house of Denmark started in 1448 when King Christoffer III died without a direct successor, he was succeeded by Count Christian of Oldenburg, but in 1863 the last Oldenburg King, Frederik, died without issue, so the throne passed to his nephew from the Schleswig-Holstein-Glucksburg branch who became King Christian IX, his wife, Princess Louise was the daughter of the Duke of Hesse-Cassel. The King was known later on as the grandfather of Europe when his children and descendants married into the existing European royal houses, His eldest daughter, Princess Alexandra, married King Edward VII of England, another daughter, Princess Marie married the Emperor of Russia, Alexander III. His eldest son, Frederick who succeeded him, married the Princess of Sweden, Lovisa and his second son, Prince Vilhelm went on to become King George I of Greece. His grandson became King Haakon VII of Norway in 1905 whose wife, Princess Maud of England, was also his granddaughter through Princess Alexandra.

Today, the royal House of Denmark is ruled by Queen Margrethe since 1972 on the death of her father, King Frederick IX, her subjects affectionately called her “Queen Daisy”. She is married to Count Henri de Laborde de Montpezat of France. Queen Margrethe’s mother, Queen Ingrid, was a great grand daughter of Queen Victoria of England. Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik had two sons: Prince Frederick and Prince Joachim. Margrethe’s sisters all married into royalty, Princess Benedikte married Prince Lorenz of Germany while Princess Ana Marie married her triple second cousin, King Constantine II of Greece.

MOGELTONDER, DENMARK - MAY 24:  Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik of Denmark arrives to attend the wedding between Prince Joachim of Denmark and Marie Cavallier on May 24, 2008 at the Mogeltonder church in Mogeltonder, Denmark.  (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)
Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik


HM The Queen
HRH Prince Henrik

HRH Prince Frederick
HRH Princess Mary
    HRH Prince Christian
   HRH Princess Isabella
HRH Prince Joachim
HRH Princess Marie

   HH Prince Nikolai
   HH Prince Felix
   HH Prince Henrik

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