The Royal House of Nassau/Bourbon-Parma

Country: Luxembourg
Royal House Name: Nassau/Bourbon-Parma
Current Head: Grand Duke Henri (born: April 16, 1955)
Reigned: since October 2000
Consort: Grand Duchess Maria Theresa
Successor: HRH Prince  Guillaume

His Royal Highness Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a landlocked country located between France and Germany. According to the listing of Forbes Magazine, this grand duchy is the richest country in the world in terms of GDP. The Luxembourg history heavily drew on dependency towards several European countries, for four centuries, this tiny nation was administered by Belgium, France, Germany and in 1815, the Netherlands treated it as a conquered territory when it was given by the Congress of Vienna to the Dutch monarch, King William I. It was only in 1867 that Luxembourg became a sovereign nation.

The Luxembourg’s royal house name, Nassau, was taken from Adolf, the Duke of Nassau, who became the grand duchy’s crown head when the last male ruler of the Netherlands died in 1890, his daughter, Wilhelmina reigned in the Netherlands as Queen but she could not reign in Luxembourg because of Salic Law. 

Adolf I ruled until 1905. Luxembourg remained neutral during World War I and World War II but during the latter’s war, German troops overrun the grand duchy so the royal family moved to London and established a government-in-exile like other European’s monarchies. Luxembourg is one of the founding members of European Union and a member of NATO and United Nations.

Currently, Luxembourg is ruled by Grand Duke Henri, a nephew of King Albert II of Belgium and a third cousin to all European monarchs through Queen Victoria of England and King Christian IX of Denmark. Like King Juan Carlos of Spain, Grand Duke Henri is a Roman Catholic, thus, removed in the line of succession to the British throne. Other European sovereign heads who are Catholics are King Albert II of Belgium, Prince Albert II of Monaco and Prince Hans-Adams II of Liechtenstein.

Royal Family of Luxembourg

HRH Grand Duke Henri
HRH Grand Duchess Maria Theresa
   HRH Prince  Guillaume, the Hereditary Grand Duke
   HRH Prince Felix
   HRH Prince Louis
   HRH Princess Alexandra
   HRH Prince Sebastien 

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