The British Queen, Elizabeth II, is known for her disdain of film stars and other sort of celebrity stuff. In 1956, she declined to attend the wedding of Prince Rainier III of Monaco to Hollywood actress, Grace Kelly, because of too many film stars. In fact, she and her husband, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh never signed autograph nor held a press conference because they did not want to descend to the level of movie stars.

But lately, the Queen seems ready to embrace the call of times that she allowed the royal court to get an account in the popular social networking site, FACEBOOK, to get in touch with the public. She was reportedly convinced by her grandson, Prince William, to join Facebook to connect with her subjects in far-away realms. Though her page never allows visitors to “poke” her, everybody could click “like” and browse on royal photographs and videos.

The royal family members, just like the rest of us, are also amazed with the wonders of modern technology  that some of them joined social networking sites. Prince William has no Facebook account but he has a twitter page under an unknown alias name. His cousin, Princess Beatrice of York, also has a myspace account. The British monarchy also has an official channel in Youtube.

The first royalty to announce that she has an official twitter page in 2004 was Queen Rania of Jordan, the pretty Queen Consort of King Abdullah II of Jordan.

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