Discarding Royal Traditions

No glass Coach for Kate Middleton
For many centuries, royal weddings helped invigorate the monarchy, with all its pageantry and magical rituals,  nothing more fascinating than royal weddings. The ancient tradition of transporting royal brides into a glass coach drawn by prancing horses is one of the most inspiring, if not, stirring sights among the royal parades. But this tradition will no longer be seen on the upcoming wedding of Prince William. It was revealed in the royal news that Kate Middleton would be riding a car on April 29, 2011 instead of a glass coach, ceasing the term “fairytale Princess”. This would further symbolize that Middleton came from an ordinary, less-than-privilege background.
 Glass Coach drawn by horses and guarded by the Queen's long-serving footmen
Glass Coach carrying royal brides during medieval time and up to the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer in 1981
 The Prince and Princess of Wales riding at an open carriage after their wedding
Prince William and Kate Middleton

Open-Air wedding for Prince Albert II of Monaco

In another twist of event, Prince Albert II of Monaco, who will wed his commoner girlfriend, Charlene Wittstock, on July 2, 2011, expressed his wish to be married in the courtyard of Place du Palais. The spokesman revealed that the palace court of honor and the palace gate will be left open. It will be officiated by the Archbishop of Monaco in a Roman Catholic ceremony.

They will wed in the courtyard of Place du Palais. Their civil wedding (required by Monaco law) will be held the day before (July 1, 2011) in the Palace Throne Room presided by the Monaco’s registrar.

 The royal palace in Monaco where the royal wedding will take place
Prince Albert II of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock

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