The Prince of Wales's transformation

When the late Princess of Wales, Diana, was still alive, I would often agree with her wishes to bypass Prince Charles in the line of succession by their eldest son, Prince William. But now I had a change of heart.
 His Royal Highness, Charles, the Prince of Wales
Being a royal watcher for most part of my life, I’d watched Prince Charles evolved from being a reluctant heir-to-the throne to an insecure man walking behind the shadow of his famous wife down to an attentive and responsible father to Prince William and Prince Harry who lost their mother when they’re still young. Through all these years, I noticed how Charles’s stubborn character mellowed down. He became a very conscious and endearing King-in-waiting, performing her royal duties with dignity and dedication. The Prince of Wales had been known to his staff with his money pinching habit, with his royal status, his frugality is quite surprising, but his sensible attitude towards money has a good effect to his image.

His uncomfortable position of waiting for his turn on the throne is understandable. At the age of 62, he is probably the oldest King-in-waiting in British history, his mother continued showing with excellent health and has no plan to abdicate. The Prince always avoided discussions on the possibility of his Kingship because this would mean the death of his mother and he wants to avoid, at all cost, such morbid idea. He is known to easily break emotions when one of his family members passed away.
 The Prince of Wales is noted for his love of the countryside, environment and farm life. He actively promotes organic farming and great concern for the environment. In his country home, Highgrove, he has a working farm he moved from the Duchy of Cornwall.

In 1979, he showed a very restrained emotion (though royals are trained not to shed tears in public and remain stoic even during funerals) at the funeral of his beloved uncle, Lord Louis Mountbatten, who was assassinated by Irish Republic army. In 2002, he showed emotional moment again when his grandmother, the Queen Mother, whom he extra closed, died at the age of 101. In 1997, although already divorce and spent most of their marital union fighting and engaging in terrible rows, he was deeply affected with the passing of Princess Diana and looked like a fallen angel when he showed at the airport accompanying her body from Paris, France.

Often seen by many as slightly eccentric and distant, the Prince of Wales wins back the admiration of his future subjects. He is busy performing royal duties and finally accorded with a stable life after marrying his long time mistress, Camilla Parker Bowles in 2005. He now slowly win public trust and respect and seriously performing his royal duties wit dignity.

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