A Snub from the Queen

It's ninety days before the world will witness Prince William and Kate Middleton say "I do" at the historical Westminster Abbey but doubts on Middleton's suitability continue to escalate. Is she really fit to wear the crown of being the next Princess of Wales? Though her middle class background is being frowned, ordinary people are happy that William chooses her to be his bride because this would lower the barrier dividing royalty and commoners, in fact most people are anticipating a thrilling celebration all over the United Kingdom, the pomp and pageantry of the ancient rituals of royal weddings will fascinate millions of viewers once again and the British subjects will be treated to another fairytale hoopla of a happily-ever-after stuff, but amidst the excitement, there's one reality pinning a hard button on the facade of the fairytale. Within the sheltered palace walls, it is still uncertain if the ruling British Queen is happy with the inclusion of another commoner into the royal household. (picture left: The Queen and her heirs: Prince Charles and Prince William)

A report in the Daily Telegraph, and Herald Sun, two of the most credible newspapers in the UK, revealed that the Queen is yet to meet Kate Middleton's parents, Michael and Carole and the monarch seems less enthusiastic and has no plan to ingratiate with the Middletons. This is unusual, because, as the current head of the House of Windsor, she is expected to meet and welcome the immediate family of a person who is set to marry any members of her direct family and this courtesy is often anticipated as part of the royal decorum.

A royal spokesman is quick to defend this "snub" by telling: "It is just the Queen has not felt the need to meet Miss Middleton's parents. At present there are no plans for her to do so in the run-up to the wedding. If she chooses to do so, it will be a private matter." (from the daily telegraph).

But isn't it nice if the Queen would get to know more the family of a woman who will marry her grandson and direct heir? But this gesture is somewhat disturbing. From the perspective of royal commentators, this is a total rejection of acceptance. The Queen is raised in a tight circle of monarchy, she never partied to anyone let alone mix with "outsiders" (royalty's term for commoners) and talk things beyond horses, palaces and the commonwealth. She is not an ordinary monarch who takes everything with ease especially to commoners.

In many occasions that the Middletons were invited by Prince William, not even once did the monarch ever show interest to know the Middletons. Royal commentators say "this is where reality tends to intrude on fairytales. It's not all tiaras and palaces when an outsider infiltrates one of the oldest monarchies in the world"

The conservative circle of aristocracy in Britain is known to spit the word "commoners" with disdain and this is evident on many occasions they refer to Kate Middleton's background as "middle class", they pronounced it as if it is the most outrageous phrase to hit the planet. Though much things about change have been trumpeted about the highest throne on Earth, still reality prevails, the ancient tradition still cling to their system, that royalty should marry into the aristocracy to preserve the prestige and charm of the crown. 

Kate Middleton is expected to embrace this reality, It is the high prize she would pay. The Queen's snub on her parents is just an introduction on how difficult it is for commoners to join the rigid world of the British monarchy. The social class system  still dictates the lifestyle of the British royals. The traditional royalists, who believed commoners always bring disasters to the monarchy, are already disappointed with Camilla Parker-Bowles now the person they expected to rescue the sinking ship of the House of Windsor, chooses yet another commoner thoroughly eroding the mystic of the crown. Prince William will be the first future British King to marry a middle class woman in English history.

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