Prince William's Wedding Suit?

Just like any ordinary groom, the future British King is also thinking sensibly what to wear on his wedding day, and because a groom's suit usually is less than complicated than a bridal gown, Prince William has no hard time deciding what type of suit he would wear on April 29, 2011.

The Prince, a full-fledged British military officer, decided to wear a military uniform and he commissioned  Taylor Gieves and Hawkes based in London to create his attire. But it is still unknown what branch of the military the suit will be tailored since the Prince has trained in the three branches of military (Royal Air Force, Royal Navy and Army) in preparation for his future role. Wearing a military uniform on a wedding is part of the tradition of the British male royals. His grandfather (Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh), his father (Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales) and uncle (Prince Andrew, the Duke of York) donned their military regalia on their wedding days.

The Prince in his military uniforms (from left: Royal Navy, Army and RAF) which among these suits he will choose to wear on his wedding day? my guess will be the RAF uniform since he is currently serving as search and rescue operation pilot in the Royal Air Force.

But this could not be just a simple military uniform, male royals usually adorned their suits with other royal details such as medals, badges and other honorable identifications. Princes Philip, Charles and Andrew included their medal of honors and royal distinctions on their wedding military suit. Prince William, aside from his medal, might include a blue sash with a star badge as a Knight of the Order of the Garter, a royal honor he received in 2008 from the Queen. Prince William is a full-fledged search-and-rescue-operation pilot in the Royal Armed Forces serving at Anglesey, North Wales where he is known in the troops as Flight Lieutenant Wales.

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