Road to Bulimia?

She has no more weight to eliminate says one expert
Kate Middleton during a recent trip with Prince William to Northern Ireland where the public began noticing her rapid weight loss.
Attending a charity event last December 18, 2010

Poor girl, she could no longer live a life of her own.

And that's the highest price she paid for chasing Prince William from the ground of St. Andrews University on day one.

After receiving humiliation from conservative royalists for being non-aristocrat and poking fun at her obsession to please the royal family, Miss Middleton seems  living in a sound proof booth where everything could be heard even the ugliest details of her life. Now the public began debating her rapid weight loss as if it was the latest disaster to hit the world.

Many royal observers noticed how much her weight had shrink into alarming level since the announcement of her engagement to Prince William in November 16, 2010 (left photo). Is she under stress? or in the road of Bulimia?

Though naturally tall and slim since her college days, her body had never been so thin since the beginning of 2011 and people began worrying if the weight of future royal duties began taking a huge toll in her system. Buckingham Palace allowed the couple to do some joint public appearances starting December 2010 to show Kate what kind of life she would be traversing in the future.

During her recent trip to Northern Ireland with Prince William one bystander commented on her skinny physique and Miss Middleton was quick to reply "this is part of the wedding preparation". Is she become obsess to trim down? One expert says she has no more weight to eliminate as she is already very skinny.

Several reports say that Miss Middleton refused to eat other than high protein foods and was told to eat more than six times a day in order to sustain her daily workout. The thorny issues of losing weight and eating problem are very sensitive to the royal family because of its connections to William's mother, the late Princess of Wales, Diana. During the royal wedding preparation in 1981, it was reported that Lady Diana Spencer suffered Bulimia devouring foods in a minute, purging it the next because of stress, tension and anxieties of joining a very public life, the disease gradually affected her system sending erratic mood swing. 

The royal family of course doesn't want to repeat the same episode so they denied the gossip that Miss Middleton is figuratively killing herself on daily workout, diet and obsession to lose weight rapidly. According to some observers, her rapid weight loss maybe has something to do with wedding nerves.

The tension and stress attached to being in the center of the limelight already began haunting her and there are more things to come after the wedding and I am wondering how she would be looked like then.

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