Royal Honeymoon and Residence

In keeping with his intention to avoid spending lavishly on foreign honeymoon trips where more Britons are squeezing their standard of living scantily, Prince William had chosen the beautiful isle of Scilly to spend his honeymoon with Miss Middleton. Scilly is located at Penzance, a beautiful coastal area of England where the Prince had spent a relaxing holiday vacation with his parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana and brother, Prince Harry, in 1989, two years before the Prince and Princess of Wales announced their legal separation.
The Prince and Princess of Wales with their sons, Prince Harry (left) and Prince William (right), spending a relaxing family vacation at Scilly Isles in 1989.
Aerial view of Penzance where Scilly island is located. (image from the

In great contrast, Charles and Diana spent their honeymoon in three locations, first at Broadlands, a large country estate located at Southamptonshire, England owned by Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh’s uncle, Lord Mountbatten, then they spent three weeks aboard the Royal Yacht Brittania touring around the Mediterranean Sea, they later joined the royal family at Balmoral Castle in Scotland towards the end of August 1981.
Kensington Palace, Prince William's childhood home in London. Princess Diana lived for 16 years at Number 9 apartment of Kensington since her marriage to the Prince of Wales in 1981 until her death in 1997.

Prince William, who after all these years still misses his mother terribly, expressed his intention to use the Number 9 apartment of Kensington Palace as his London residence after the wedding. Number 9 apartment is very special to the Prince. So many wonderful memories attached to this royal residence. Prince William lived there with his parents and brother since 1982 and remained until Diana’s death in 1997. The Prince fondly recalled how much he and Prince Harry spent peaceful and happy evening at the living room with their mother listening to her favorite classical music. His decision to live there has something to do with his mother.

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