Fairytale Blunders

Undoubtedly, the wedding of Prince William to a commoner woman is the end of the fairytale. Gone are the days when royals appeared so mysterious in public because their spouses came from the same circle.

The very reason why people adored royalty is because "they are not one of us", we adored their mystical existence, their being untouchables and the way they portrayed  refinement in public, but the moment commoners start penetrating the delicate world of fairytales, the mystery that shrouds its turf began to expose and, lifting the sacred veil of the royal court, thoroughly revealed what's inside. In the 1980s when scandals and controversies haunted the marriages of both royal children, the Queen Mother believed the troubles surfaced because of the commoners inclusion to the family. Andrew Morton, the biographer of Diana, would say it more blatantly "Grafting commoners into the Hanoverian (the Windsors) tree proved to be very disastrous".

But the royals know they cannot hold on to the mystic forever. They need to be more flexible and more human. They need to invigorate the crown. Modern times dictate that they should be more aware of their environment and to be more in-touch with their subjects by adopting the modern trend and not the outdated traditions of the monarchy. For this reason, most royals in Europe start looking beyond their palace walls to be more popular with the crowd and retain the position of the monarchy in the twenty first century democracy.

And Prince William exactly knew where to put his best foot forward...

But amidst his effort to steer the British monarchy into a more normal establishment by taking a commoner spouse, there are still uncertainties left hanging in the horizon if he could really salvage the eroding prestige of the crown due to the controversies inflicted by its members in the past decades. But can he avoid the same mistake? Many people believed he can, but what if some of the pre-requisites of the disaster started appearing in his surrounding than he expected?

When the public saw the glittering blue sapphire engagement ring previously worn by his mother on his fiancee's finger, many people cried "wrong decision". Why? Well, because the ring signifies suffering and disenchantment in his mother's life. For the record, this exquisite oval-shaped ring was not intended for Diana, Prince Charles did not choose it for her. In fact when Prince Charles proposed in February 1981, he had no ring to offer to Diana, so he told the crown's jeweller, Garrads, days later, to bring their rings display to the palace so that his fiancee can choose one. Garrads brought several rings and Diana picked the larger one, many believed the late Princess of Wales chose it because it reflects the colour of her eyes--blue sapphire. Meaning, the ring was not intended for her, it was her who personally chose it and paid by the Queen. 

Traditionally, the words "to obey" are included on the wedding vow which will be uttered by the bride. But in July 1981, Lady Diana Spencer opted not to utter it, well, probably because the words were not included in the script of the wedding vow. Now it's Kate Middleton's turn, but during the final wedding rehearsal, where they rehearsed their vows too, it seems Miss Middleton will follow the footsteps of Diana by not uttering the "to obey" words, instead she would declare "to love, comfort, honour and keep" her husband.

The previous royal brides were transported in a glass horse drawn carriage on the way to the church. But Miss Middleton will not, instead, she would ride in an ill-fated Rolls Royce car from the Royal Mews which had previously smashed by demonstrators in London some months damaging its windows and side mirrors, the incident almost knocked off Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall who rode the car on the way to a public engagement. Could it be a bad omen?

Even before the relationship of her daughter to the future King becoming more serious, she was already accused of inappropriate behaviour not fit for a royal's mother-in-law. Badly criticized for having no proper social etiquette and for dressing inappropriately as if she was a teenager, Carole Middleton is being pictured in the public as a publicity-hungry, social climber woman which might affect how the royal family will treat Kate the moment she becomes a legal member of the family. In fact one poll survey recently revealed that it is still uncertain if the royal family will accept this commoner woman wholeheartedly into their circle the moment she emerged from the Abbey tomorrow after the ceremony.

Only years can tell if Prince William made the right decision.

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