Isabella Calthorpe: Prince William's failed love

As the euphoria of Prince William's upcoming wedding reached a fever-pitch, there is one truth about his love life that most people did not know except those in the inner royal circles. His deep emotional hurt due to a failed love.

Amidst the impression that the Prince is deeply in love with Miss Middleton, some people dismissed it as simply rubbish.

In 2004 when Prince William expressed less interest in taking his relationship with Kate Middleton into the next level, he pursued--unsuccessfully--the gorgeous aristocrat named Isabella Calthorpe and again in 2007 when he broke up with Miss Middleton the second time. But Isabella turned it down leaving the Prince brokenhearted. 
Isabella Calthorpe. Prince William's real love? She comes from a very wealthy and prominent aristocratic family in Great Britain and brought up in the upper-class society

Born Isabella Amaryllis Charlotte Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe on March 3, 1980 at Hampshire, England, she is the daughter of John Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe and Lady Mary-Gaye Georgina Curzon. Isabella's family belongs to the upper-class in Great Britain.

Her father, a wealthy property developer, is a son of a British baronet (Baronet is a British noble title ranking below a Baron) while her mother is a daughter of a British Earl, the 6th Earl of Howe (Earl is a British noble title ranking below a Marquess and above a Viscount), a direct descendant of King Charles II. Lady Mary is a fourth cousin of William's mother, Princess Diana, making Isabella as William's fifth cousin.

The Daily Mail online article revealed that Prince William is ready to ditch Kate Middleton forever had only Isabella gave him a chance.

The following lines are quoted from Daily Mail online article

"William was madly in love with her (Isabella) but when he knew there was no chance of them getting together he went back to Kate.

"Kate was very aware of his obsession with Isabella and she was incredibly threatened by her. Isabella is drop-dead beautiful and would leave any girl in the shade.

"Kate accepted William back again but on the condition that he would not speak to Isabella"

The Daily Mail online published this article under the title "The Only Girl Who Could Make Kate Jealous"

Isabella could be one of the most suitable choices for a bride of a future King had she prioritized him and not her modeling career. Prince William, just like other Windsor men, is too hesitant to pursue a woman who cannot be tucked under his wing right away. Eventually, the Prince became tired of pursuing Isabella so he went back to Kate Middleton who kept her door always open for the Prince and who never get tired of chasing him.
Isabella Calthorpe and her boyfriend, billionaire Sam Branson. She is reportedly the only girl who could make Kate Middleton extremely jealous, so much so that even though Prince William wanted to invite her on the wedding, her name was nowhere to be found on the guests' list. 

It was thought possible that the real reason of Isabella's disinterest on Prince William was due to her ambition to join the entertainment world which is considered inconceivable by the royal family. She doesn't want to sacrifice her dreams just to be at William's side. When William and Kate got back together in August 2007, Miss Middleton was determined to secure her place as the potential royal bride by turning down the possibility of having an independent career and hovered around Prince William closely.

Isabella remained on William's mind and Miss Middleton knows that. To make sure nobody could snug Prince William, not even Isabella, from her, Kate did everything to be closed to the Prince and agreed to live with him on the remote village of Anglesey near his barracks in the late part of 2009.

But Isabella kept haunting Kate Middleton, her presence is considered a constant threat to Kate's position in William's heart. To effectively struck her out from William's mind, Kate disapproved having Isabella invited to the royal wedding, she is the only closest friend of William who is not part of the guests' list and this animosity surprisingly extended to her boyfriend, Sam Branson, who happens to be one of the Prince's friends.  The question lurking on everybody's mind "Is Kate Middleton still insecure towards Isabella Calthorpe?" Well, the answer is pretty obvious.

This scenario brought me back to the royal wedding of 1981. According to the book of Kitty Kelly "The Royals", Lady Diana Spencer wrangled to the palace staff to exclude Camilla Parker-Bowles in the guests' list because she was acutely aware with the special affection of Prince Charles to Camilla. Diana thought she could get her out from his system the moment they married, but she was greatly mistaken, and history proves that.

Sounds like, history repeats itself now.

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i really hope he loves his wife and does not do what his dad did to his own mom to his own wife.i will be highly disappointed if he cheats on his wife