Royal Tots

Here are some updates on the European royal tots we never heard everyday.

Finally, the twins of Danish Crown Prince, Frederick have names. For the past months since the Crown Princess gave birth to fraternal twins (boy and girl)  in January 8, 2011, the public remained clueless of the twins' names. It is part of the tradition of the Danish royal family to keep the names of the royal babies secret until the day of the christening.
 The Fraternal Twins, Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent, of Prince Frederick and Princess Mary of Denmark

Last April 14, 2011, Thursday, the twins were baptized at Holmes Kirke in Copenhagen, Denmark. They were named Prince Vincent Frederik Minik Alexander and Princess Josephine Sophia Ivalo Mathilda.  One of Prince Vincent's godparents is the future King of Spain, Prince Felipe. Prince Frederick and Princess Mary already have two children prior to the arrival of the twins, Prince Christian and Princess Isabella.

The Netherlands
The four-year-old youngest daughter of Prince Wilhelm of The Netherlands, Princess Arianne, was in her bubbly spirit as she was accompanied by her parents and sisters on her first day of school at Bloemcamps school in Wassenaar. Princess Ariane has two older sisters, Princess Amalia and Princess Alexia. This update from the Dutch royal family is something refreshing especially when it comes to the younger Princess since for the past years, news about her health is quite unsettling.
 Princess Alexia, Princess Arianne and Princess Amalia with their parents, Prince Wilhelm and Princess Maxima

In 2007 she was rushed to the Leiden University Medical Center because of breathing problem, apparently due to lung infection, again in 2009, the princess was admitted again to the hospital due to respiratory problems.

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