Royal Wedding Tidbits

Here are some of the latest updates on the upcoming wedding of Prince William.

Lady Sarah McCorquodale

Lady Sarah is the older sister of the late Princess of Wales, Diana. It was announced that she will be wearing the stunning pair of earrings worn by Diana nearly 30 years ago when she wed the Prince of Wales in July 29, 1981 at St. Paul's Cathedral. The exquisite earrings, a pear-shaped diamond surrounded by almost 50 sparkling diamonds, were once belonged to their mother, the Honorable Frances Shand-Kydd (who died in 2004).

The earrings are part of the exhibition tour celebrating Diana's life in America organized by the 9th Earl Spencer to support various charities supported by the late Princess of Wales. The earrings will be carried back to London before the royal wedding so that Lady Sarah can wear it.

Last Official Public Engagement

Since December 2010, a month after the announcement of their official engagement, Prince William and Kate Middleton performed joint public engagement around the United Kingdom to condition his fiancee on the reality of marrying into the royal family, the future role she will embrace and how to endure the difficult life with in the limelight. Last week the couple had their last official public engagement before their big day. They traveled to East Lancashire to grace the opening of a public school and visited a park in Blackburn.

Bridal Attendants

Two months ago, the couple had announced their wedding attendants. This will be the first time that a royal wedding has Maid of Honor. Miss Middleton selected her only sister, Pippa, to do the part while William chose his brother, Prince Harry, as his Best Man. Bridesmaids, are all from the upperclass and they are considerably young, Lady Louise Windsor is only 8 years old, she is the daughter of Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex (brother of Prince Charles), The Honorable Margarita Armstrong-Jones, 9 years old, daughter of Viscount Linley (first cousin of Prince Charles) and Grace Van Cutsem (daughter of William's aristocratic bestfriend).

Who are Invited, Who are not

Up to this time, it is still uncertain if Sarah, Duchess of York, the estranged wife of Prince Andrew, the Duke of York (William's uncle) will be invited, she was once close to Diana but had a fall out towards the end of their marriages to the royal Princes. Though she remained close to Prince Andrew, a video where she was caught granting an access to a reporter in exchange of money and Prince Andrew's privacy, slightly enraged the royal family. The Obamas are not invited and so other foreign dignitaries. Celebrities like David Beckham and his wife, Victoria, are confirmed to be attending and so with the ex-loves of both William and Kate.

Not a State affair

It was reiterated on the royal news that the wedding of Prince William is not a state event, though April 29 is declared a national holiday in Britain. It is not a state affair because William is not an heir to the throne and his wedding cost will not be shouldered by the government but by Prince Charles.

London Residence

Contrary to the previous report of considering Kensington Palace as their official London residence, a palace spokesman confirmed Prince William and Miss Middleton will be sharing a quarter, which has two bedrooms, with Prince Harry at Clarence House when they are in London. 

Comments from Prince Harry

Before Harry left London for an excursion trek to the North Pole, he was interviewed how he feels that his brother will be getting married soon. The Prince said he was quite surprise on William's sudden decision to get married because he thought his brother won't take a plunge as early as 2011 but then expressed his happiness for his brother's upcoming wedding. Harry, who is famous for blurting naughty words in public, said he will be selective with his words on the wedding where he will give a speech, because his grandmother is in attendance. He also said, he is happy to welcome Kate Middleton into the family and gave a remark:"It's either I will be under her wings or she will be under my wings".

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