Ten Things about Prince William

On the final week of his bachelor life, let us know Prince William better. For people who are not familiar with the Prince, here are some facts about his life you didn't read or heard everyday.

1. He is left-handed - of course half of the people across the globe maybe knew it already as he was featured several times in newspapers holding a pen and signing a document on his left hand. But others seem clueless. Another British King who was left-handed was his great grandfather, King George VI.

2. His first crush was Supermodel Cindy Crawford - this trivia was revealed in the book of Randi Reisfeld, "Prince William: The Boy who will be King". The Prince reportedly had a glossy picture of Cindy Crawford hung in his bedroom. His mother, the late Princess of Wales, had managed to contact the supermodel and arranged a meeting with his young son, which in turn, made Prince William blushed upon the introduction.

3. Seven Exes? - According to several sources, the Prince has seven past girlfriends before settling with Miss Middleton, well, not bad. Some of them came from distinguished background, others are aristocrat, but he chose a middle class girl, anyway. Sources claimed seven past loves, but others said the Prince has only four serious girlfriends including Miss Middleton. The seven ex-flames they claimed are the following: Davina Duckworth-Chad, Arabella Musgrave, Rose Farquhar, Carly Massy Birch, Jessica Craig (from Kenya), Olivia Hunt, Isabella Calthorpe. Four out of these seven former loves received a wedding invitation from the Prince. But in 2007, when he and Kate broke up, an article in the Daily Mail claimed the Prince' pursued unsuccessfully Isabella Calthorpe, daughter of a wealthy aristocrat in England, but the girl , reportedly the real love of the Prince, did not take Prince William seriously as she dreamed to join showbusiness which is strictly prohibited by the royal family.

4. He loves Africa - This according to his close friend, Ben Fogle, an NBC news correspondent. Fogle mentioned the William's fascination towards Africa during his recent interview with Rebecca Hardy of the Mail Online. The Prince told him that Africa is his second home. It can be remembered that when he and Kate decided to get back together in August 2007 after three months of break-up, they went to the beautiful island of Seychelles in Africa to sort things out and in October 2010 when he decided to propose to Kate, he brought her to Kenya to pop the question.

5. Broken Skull - no, not severely. In 1990, Prince William was accidentally hit by a golf bat while engaging in a friendly game with some of his friends at Ludgrove school, blood streamed from his head. His parents were informed and rushed to the school, William was brought to Great Ormond hospital in London and had his head stitched. His mother stayed in the hospital overnight to personally attend him.

6. Geography Major - When he matriculated at St. Andrews University in 2001, William took Art History but shifted to Geography in 2002. He graduated in 2004 with a second-class honor, which made him the most accomplished future British King in history in terms of academic achievement.

7. Page Boy - He acted, for the first time, as one of the pageboys at the wedding of his uncle, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York and Sarah Ferguson in 1986 when he was about four years old. Dressed in a Victorian sailor suit, Prince William appeared restless and naughty during the ceremony, he pulled faces, yawned frequently and fiddled with the chinstrap on his hat much to the amusement of the guests.

8. Wombat - He was affectionately called by Diana as "Wombat" when he was still a toddler but  the name never survived when the Prince reached adulthood.

9. Australia - This is the first country visited by William. When he was only 18 months old, his mother fought hard with the palace rules to bring the infant Prince to an extended tour to Australia and New Zealand. Diana was very anxious to know that her son will be left behind with nannies for three months as she and Prince Charles will embark to an extended royal tour to the dominions. In British history, no royal babies ever included in an official foreign trip. Besides, the palace strictly maintained a rule that no two heirs should be together in the same plane (in case disaster might happen), the Princess of Wales wrangled to bring her son, after making an arrangement with the foreign office in Australia, the Queen finally agreed, so Prince William traveled with his parents and delighted the public with his unique charm.

10. Up Close - William stands 6 feet and 5 inches tall, probably one of the tallest future Kings in British history. He has a sapphire blue eyes like that of his mother. The Prince's favorite sports are football, tennis and polo. He weighed seven pounds on the day he was born. His father wished to call him Arthur but Diana lobbied for William after the first Norman King in England, William the Conqueror. For several days after his birth, the Prince had no name because his parents could not agree what to call him, so the press called him Baby Wales, finally Prince Charles yielded to Diana's wishes and settled for William Arthur Philip Louis.

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