No Direct Heirs: What If?

The royal wedding last April 29, 2011 gave the world a glimpse how blindingly handsome Prince Harry and how dignified he was in his splendid army uniform. Though his destiny relegated only to being just a "spare" to his brother, Prince William, the once wayward Prince who would occasionally stunned the public with his surprising comment, behavior and flamboyant lifestyle, Harry now looked more like an irresistible knight in-a-shining-armour. 
As of 2011, Prince Harry is third in line of succession to the British throne, but as soon as his sister-in-law would get pregnant, he will no longer the "spare" of the throne, and in the event William will have many children, his place would be farther from the throne, but who knows, history might repeats itself, after all his grandmother the Queen was not an heir apparent to George V, her father, who became George VI, was only a second son but circumstances worked on her side and secured her place in world history.

Since rising to a rank of a lieutenant (now a Captain in the Army Air Corps) and fought with his comrades at the war-stricken Afghanistan, Prince Harry emerged a shining gold Prince. He has been actively raising funds for various charities where he is a patron. Sentebale, a foundation he established with a Prince in Lesotho to help less privileged children in Africa, is slowly gaining world popularity. He had gone to an expedition trek in the Arctic also to help raised funds for a charity of wounded servicemen.

Recently viewed as more adorable, gorgeous and endearing than his more serious brother, Harry is slowly carving his own niche in the public obsessed by fairytale. He also earned a reputation of being the only royal family member, apart from his uncle, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, who had fought directly under enemy's fire. He took his job in the army seriously and quite doing all his responsibility in life fairly.
During the royal wedding of his brother Prince William. Harry wore his Army Uniform while William donned a crimson Irish Guard uniform with his Knight of the Garter Blue Sash

Thus, a wild idea suddenly hits in the horizon, "What if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge won't have children?" Of course this is just a wild idea, but what if this imagination can be true? What if history repeats itself? What if the Duchess of Cambridge is like the other three Catherine consorts (Catherine Howard, Catherine Parr to Henry VIII and Catherine of Braganza to Charles II) who did not provide the throne with heirs? And what if the stirring history of "no eldest son of an eldest son ascended the British throne since George IV succeeded his father, George III, in 1820" will repeat again? Well, as I said, all these stuff are wild imaginations..but what if? Then the gorgeous Prince Charming who smilingly whispered to his brother, "there she is" upon seeing Kate Middleton with her father walking their way to the altar during the wedding, could possibly become His Majesty, Henry XIV.

It may take several decades before his father, Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, could assume the throne as his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, is still very much in good health and showed no sign of slowing down, but a wild idea may not be harmful, just a curiosity.

F.Y.I According to Diana's butler, Paul Burrell, in an interview with Larry King, two years after the death of the Princess of Wales(I had a copy of the interview excerpt), when the two brothers were asked what personal belonging of their mother they want to keep, Prince Harry chose the blue sapphire engagement ring because he knew how important and precious it is to her mother, Prince William chose his mother's watch, a gold cartier, but they had an agreement that whoever the first to get engage will acquire the ring. So when Harry sensed his brother's wish to marry soon, he gave the engagement ring to him as a sign of great respect.

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