England's Golden Child

In 1997, September 6, during the funeral service at Westminster Abbey, Elton John delivered an emotional rendition of "Candle in the Wind" he originally wrote for Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jane Baker in real life), John's made a beautiful remake of the song for his friend, Diana, Princess of Wales and part of the lyrics, he dubbed Diana as "England's Rose" and "England's Golden Child".

True enough, today, July 1, 2011, would have been her 50th birthday had she lived. Well, it's been almost 14 years since her sudden demise from the car accident and her sons had moved on but it seems her memory still hovered around the British throne and the public. Her warmth, compassion and charm continue to haunt those who loved her.

She was truly a phenomenon, an unforgettable world figure and beauty who left a remarkable legacy to the public, people adored her unique kindness. Now on the occasion of her golden birth anniversary, nothing more is important than wished her happiness in the after-life. Read more about her life in the LIFE OF DIANA section in this blog or at my TRIOND article

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Kathy said…
i <3 Princess Diana. I didn't even know her until the time of her passing(which is unfortunate for me) but I browse a lot of her videos a lot and I am inexplicably drawn to her aura of sophistication and humility(the contrast is quite fascinating). Technology immortalizes people in some way.
Leela said…

Joyce Lamela said…
Her memory lives on...