The Royal Brothers

If there's one person who could mock Prince William to death it's his brother, Prince Harry. Before the royal wedding in April, Harry contemplated the idea of giving a speech at the reception which would reveal some of William's secret foolishness and naughtiness.

In his words Prince Harry uttered "something which would turn him red in shame", but the third in line to the British throne did not pursue his plan because he did not dream to disappoint his grandmother who will be at the reception.

Lately, Prince Harry poked fun at William's receding hairline and his weight gain after the wedding that he called his brother "teletubby", referring to a brightly coloured alien created as part of the tubby group of aliens in a television show in Britain. As if his taunting and poking are not enough, Harry would occasionally asked his brother if he knows who has eaten all the pies.

The Waleses brothers grew up very close to each other and frequently spent holiday travels together. There's no room for jealousy with their positions in life. The two of them are both crowd drawers and charming and compassionate, a trait they obviously inherited from their mother. While many believed Harry missed his brother on many occasions, reports had it that the younger brother has not envied William's married life and no plan to take a trip down-the-aisle for the next years as he is concentrating more on his military career.

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