Replica of Princess Diana's Famous Engagement Ring

Wearing replica of Diana's engagement ring 

When it comes to royal fashion, nothing beats the elegance of engagement rings offered by male royals to their future brides, whether they are marrying a commoner or fellow royal, giving an engagement ring is part of the long-cherished tradition of royalty when getting married.

Well even ordinary people considered giving an engagement ring an important part of the marriage proposal. It is now the substitute of giving dowry.

One of the most famous engagement rings in the 20th century is the oval-shaped Ceylon sapphire ring worn by the late Princess of Wales, Diana.

It cannot be formally called "given by Prince Charles" as the ring was not technically offered by Prince Charles on the night he proposed but it was Diana herself who chose it.

Contrary to the old tradition of surprising girlfriends with the stunning “rocks”, the Prince of Wales unfortunately was unprepared when he popped the question to the former Lady Diana Spencer one evening of February 1981.

According to the book “The Royals” (Kittey Kelley, 1997), Prince Charles did not hide any ring in his pocket on the night he invited the innocent 19-year-old aristocrat to his Buckingham Palace's apartment for an exclusive-for-two romantic dinner and made the proposal. 

The late Princess of Wales, Diana

It was only days later that the royal jeweler, Garrard’s, was summoned to the palace to bring a tray containing several rings for the future bride to choose.

Diana reportedly giggled when she saw the large sapphire stone and picked it “which made the Queen’s eyes popped in amazement when she saw the price”, according to Kelley.

Nevertheless, the ring went down to history as Princess Diana’s most precious ring and became known in public as the most coveted style of an engagement ring.

Diana wore it everyday in her life even after her divorce from the Prince of Wales in 1996.

When she died, the ring went to her second son, Prince Harry, but later gave it to his brother, Prince William. Now the ring is in the hand of William's wife, the Duchess of Cambridge.

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