Separate Vacation

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made a separate, out-of-the-country holiday vacation last week, a rare circumstance that ever happen for newlyweds in the royal household.

Prince William did not bring his wife when he went to Spain for a shooting holiday with his brother, Prince Harry. The two princes flew to Spain to take part on a wild boar shooting game organized by Lord Gerald Grosvenor, the 6th Duke of Westminster, who owned a sprawling estate called Finca la Garganta, one of the largest and most exclusive hunting estates in Western Europe.

As a royal tradition and because their places (second and third respectively) in the line of succession are so near to the throne, William and Harry did not travel together, they arrived in Spain separately. Royal protocol dictates that royalty who occupied the top places in the line of succession should never travel together in case of accident. 

Prince William accompanied his brother to this out-of-the-country holiday in order to celebrate Harry's end of advanced Helicopter pilot training. Surprisingly, the Duchess of Cambridge who is inseparable to William and Harry on public outings since she married William last 2011, was not included in the entourage, a confusing gesture since he already brought Kate at this estate two years ago for the same activity.

Is there a family rift? Of course the media would not speculate, but few people began suspecting that something seems not good.

This week, the Duchess of Cambridge retaliated by joining her family for a holiday getaway to a faraway island--Mustique  in North America. Still, the media wouldn't bite any suspicious "trouble" issue as the world is still blindingly amused with the romance of this couple.

Kate joined her parents and two siblings to Mustique and stayed in the 15,000 pounds a week exclusive villa in Mustique. Why the Duchess of Cambridge decided to join her family without Prince William? And why she ignored the request of the Queen for all royal family members to avoid embarking on extravagant holiday vacation at this point in time when the recession is still evidently felt by taxpayers? Reports had it that William will follow soon.

Suppose to be this is the right time for Prince William and his wife to bond and unite on a holiday vacation because they will be separated for six weeks starting next month, February, as he will be deployed to Falklands near Argentina for his military duty. Despite the tensions of Britain and Argentina over this small island, William will still go ahead and will serve as search and rescue operation pilot there. 

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