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A dashing young man named Francis Matthew, trained as a stuntman and already starred in some Bollywood films, is a budding photographer from Scotland and alas! He is a relative of the last Russian Emperor, Nicholas II, who had been massacred with his family by the Russian revolutionists in 1917.

Francis Matthew, a relative of Czar Nicholas II of Russia and Queen Elizabeth II of England, is looking for a girlfriend in a reality show "The Bachelor"

Francis Matthew devoted his time in photography, compiling pictures from different parts of the world and keeping a memory album of his royal family most especially that of Empress Marie, mother of Nicholas II and sister of Queen Alexandra (wife of King Edward VII of Britain). By affinity, he is also a relative of Queen Elizabeth II of England. His mother is Princess Olga Romanoff, a great-granddaughter of Empress Marie. 

The catchy thing is this: Francis Matthew is looking for a girlfriend, ahem...

Tired and frustrated where to find a girlfriend and settle in a proper relationship, the gorgeous photographer joined the reality show in Ukraine called "The Bachelor", a show in which an unmarried man picks a fiancee through a series of dates.

The show producer build up Matthew as a dashing "Knight-in-a shining-armour" or a "Prince Charming every girl is dreaming of" and as a result, more than 16, 000 girls from Ukraine auditioned for the show to catch the heart of the "Prince"--although in reality Matthew has no royal title.

According to Francis Matthew: 

'I've been very lucky in life, but very unlucky in love,' the 33-year-old, who comes across as a romantic behind bad-boy looks, told The Associated Press in an interview.
'I am actually ready for a proper relationship, I have been for a couple of years," he said. "I am pretty fussy when it comes to choosing a longterm girlfriend, it's very difficult to find someone to be compatible with.'

But he was quick to comment that the idea of finding a girlfriend in a reality show is absolutely  crazy:

"Honestly, the concept is crazy, absolutely crazy, you have to be of certain mindset to enter a contest like that, I think it takes courage, but love works in a very mysterious way, it does come from the most random place sometimes, in the most unexpected places, so why not on TV"

Francis Matthew's grandfather, Prince Andrei, nephew of Czar Nicholas II, escaped during a Russian revolution and settled in Britain, he had moved to Scotland to raise his family. Matthew abandoned university to devote his time in acting, modelling and photography.

His parting words during an interview:

'Whenever I've met somebody who I either fall in love with or have a great connection with, either she is leaving or I am leaving,' he said.
This time he is hoping for a happy ending.

'I am not in love at this point, but there is definitely potential to fall in love,' he said.

Getting to know the Prince Charming, visit his website FRANCISMATTHEW


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