The Working Class Monarchy

The recent royal trend is far from the definition of the magical existence of royalty. Gone are the days where royals marrying someone from the upperclass where the charm and mystic of the throne has been safely kept and guarded.

But that was during medieval times. When the 21st century kicks in,  royals began looking a spouse outside the palace walls. Others went to far with their freedom by selecting unconventional choices.

On what ancient Kings and Queens were dreading--marrying commoners with no aristocratic background therefore allowing the whole world to eavesdrop what is happening inside the mystical tent, consequently, eroding the charm of the institution.

In the past, direct heirs to the throne were not allowed to take a commoner spouse because of the monarchy's belief that thrones are sacred therefore should be kept only by the blood royals. Their only responsibility in life is to look for a suitable spouse within the bound of royalty or nobility.

Queen Victoria of England once told her children about marriage: "Just close your eyes and think of England".
King Charles I of Spain (who was also Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V) admonished his son, Philip II: "You are not marrying to enjoy sex but to produce heirs"

But that was all in the past. As the years gone by, the concept of royalty and their role in the modern world had also changed. They must be responsive with the call of times and would want to lead a normal existence.
Prince Felipe of Spain and his wife, Letezia, a former TV news anchor
Prince Wilhelm of the Netherlands with his wife, Maxima, a former investment banker

Future Monarchs like Prince Felipe of Spain, Prince Frederick of Denmark, Prince Wilhelm of the Netherlands, Prince Charles of England and his son Prince William, Prince Haakon of Norway, Princess Victoria of Sweden and Prince Philippe of Belgium have taken commoners as their consorts deliberately reducing the enchantment and allure of the once revered thrones into merely a working class monarchy.

Among the future Queen Consorts, it's only Kate Middleton who had no established career when she joined the royal family and probably Mette Marit, the wife of Prince Haakon of Norway, though many reports stated she had worked and gone to different places before the marriage. Among the future monarchs of Europe, only Prince Philippe of Belgium married an aristocrat.
Prince Frederick of Denmark with his wife, Mary, a former marketing executive
Prince Haakon of Norway with his wife, Princess Mette Marit. Haakon was largely criticized with his choice of a bride because she was not only a commoner but a single mother as well who had partied aimlessly during her youth.
Prince William and Kate Middleton. She is the first commoner with no artistocratic background to marry a British heir

So how does a Queen Consort functioned?

Aside from appearing glamorous next to their husband during a photo shoot and give their sweetest smile in every public appearance, the only function a Queen Consort hold is to bear heirs. They are not allowed to mix with politics and their role are merely ceremonial. So, naturally, they must appear elegant and pretty always.

The fabled existence of the monarchy is partly due to the myth and charm of what royal is all about. During medieval times, there was a high regard for royalty and they were largely adored by their subjects, but in recent decades, the fascination eroded and royalty's status was reduced into merely celebrity, they are still admired though but rarely adored.

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