Royal Lifestyle

Although it is impossible to follow the lifestyle of royalty, their perks and privileges, we can at least embrace some of their routines in order to feel the air of being in the royal fold.

One of these routines is in the beauty regimen department. Royals, as we all know, are very much concerned with how they appear and look in public. Granting the daily scrutiny and criticism of the press and the public, royals cannot afford to commit mistakes in taking care of their skin and appearance.
Queen Elizabeth II of Britain has a peach and cream complexion. Best secret? Go organic!

Queen Elizabeth II's top secrets of having a peach and cream complexion are drinking green tea, washing her face with wheatgrass water and eating sieved vegetables even during her younger days. The British monarch never drink alcohol too, though she drinks wine occasionally, she never indulges on alcohol to relieve stress unlike her younger sister Princess Margaret who was a chain smoker and compulsive drinker, she died from stroke at the age of 72 in 2002.

When going out, remember to wear sunblock all the time. The harshest rays of the sun made us prone to PREMATURE AGING. Royals always wear sunblock all the time. Choose SPF 20 or above when going outdoor. Most royals use ORGANIC AND NATURAL PRODUCTS to make their skin supple, soft and young. Jojoba Oil, Shea butter, Fresh Milk, Green Tea, Honey and Almond Milk are the best choices of royals when it comes to beauty skincare. More royal lifestyle news at ROYALTY STYLE

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