Kate Middleton's Topless Controversies

The troubled life of Kate Middleton within the limelight

Unable to recover from the embarrassment of Prince Harry's nude photos during his Las Vegas trip, the palace is back in the headlines again bitterly defending royal family members from malicious publicity and accusing the press of invasion of privacy. But was it right to blame the press right away?They only responded to what is being feed to them. 

In an age where technology is as fast as the blinking of the eyes, privacy cannot be assured anymore among celebrities all they have to do is to be very vigilant all the time and certainly taking off a bra at the balcony of a villa where paparazzi might just be hiding along the bushes and tall trees, is simply an inconceivable idea and lacked common sense.

So why cry foul when they are the one feeding the paparazzi with what they are looking?

This is the story behind the embarrassing photos of Kate Middleton that hit the news stand lately.

While happily touring the South Pacific, William and Kate had the worst nightmare of their lives when across the continent, their intimate photos are spreading on magazines and internet on what could have been a private holiday gone bad when Kate unwittingly took off her bra to sunbathe. 

The unfortunate event happened in the secluded French villa days before the couple went off to Asia and the Pacific, it was snapped by a photographer standing across the road. The controversial pictures were sold to a French magazine, Closer, which published the photos under the headline: Oh My God!The Queen is Nude! 

It went viral online and several publications followed the move by publishing the same intimate shots. Magazines from Ireland, Italy, Denmark and Sweden all made their own versions.

But why the Duchess of Cambridge was not cautious with her action? She could have at least reconsider the possibility that cameras might be placed elsewhere. And why of all places to spread her glory, she chose to romp off at the balcony of an exposed villa where there could be a possibility that photographers might just nearby armed with a high powered camera?

I thought the controversy that rocked Prince Harry during his Las Vegas Leisure trip already gave her a learning lesson that royals should be cautious and vigilant all the time because unfortunately for them, they were not accorded with the kind of freedom and privacy enjoyed by ordinary people. 

They cannot control people let alone the media. That's what the media are up to, fishing out juicy issues to earn. And just when the Buckingham Palace is trying hard to divert the attention of the public away from the scandalous photos of Prince Harry, the palace is enduring another round of embarrassment on nude photos controversy again something that the late Princess of Wales, Diana or the highly educated and career-oriented women married into the European royalty (Mathilde, Letizia, Maxima and Mary) never did.

The cover of Closer, a French magazine that published the embarrassing topless photos of Kate Middleton
She could have at least reconsider the fact that cameras might just nearby waiting for an opportunity to fish out controversies. She flaunted her body in the balcony of a villa just across the road so there's a good possibility that paparazzi might not be too far. 
The photo scandal could have been prevented with a  little common sense.

The embarrassing photos include Kate’s very exposed front view, her buttocks where she pulled off her bikini and slightly bended, to let her husband put some sun cream. According to an Italian magazine, Chi, they have copies of several more topless photos of Kate Middleton that are still unpublished. Now, the headache of the Queen for welcoming an outsider into their fold begins...

How could she be so irresponsible? True enough, she deserves to be respected privately but somehow she should never forget to take some precautionary measures with her conduct even during private holidays.

As a public figure, even if she pleads privacy, she cannot control the action of other people on how she would be treated, what she can control is herself and her action. She could have been prevented it with a little common sense. Everybody knows that in France, privacy of high profile people is not guaranteed, throngs of paparazzi are everywhere. 

It was in this country that William’s mother, Diana, had killed. It was in this country too that the toe-kissing scandal of Prince Andrew’s former wife, Sarah Ferguson, with her financial adviser, happened. The last people to be unaware with this unsafe invasion of privacy are William and Kate, but they did not learn a lesson from the past. 

If Kate had unhooked her bra inside the house then that’s totally out of the question, but if she flaunted naked in the balcony, well, that’s another thing, she is indeed attracting paparazzi to take a shot. How could she be so careless?

For all these years, other people only saw the sunny fa├žade of Middleton, but privately, Middleton is not what everybody knows, she is untutored with royal refinement. She might as well undergo another rigorous training on how a royal should behave.

Writer, Samuel Cannes expressed his opinion on the carelessness of the Duchess of Cambridge

“Kate's unwise decision to sunbathe topless could have been the result of the strain she must feel in maintaining the demure image required of the wife of a man second in line to become Britain's monarch.

"Kate is always described as sublime, perfect, polite, radiant, sober, elegant, simple, likable, smiley, admirable," he writes. 

"The praise is warranted but maintaining it requires constant vigilance. So, on the terrace of Chateau d'Autet, on a three-day getaway, Kate decided to let the pressure off, to break with convention and free herself from protocol and with it her bikini. 

"Warming to his theme, the writer goes on to suggest that Kate is a secret smoker, claiming she was spotted having a puff as she came out of the arrival hall at Marseille airport, where the couple arrived for their break on September 5. 

Other than putting on glamorous designer's wardrobe, Kate must learn some form of propriety and public conduct from other future Queen Consorts in the European royal court who are more refine, socially correct, suitable and very cautious, who, even at once, did not embarrass the establishment they joined. Princess Letizia of Spain, Princess Mary of Denmark, Princess Mathilde of Belgium and Princess Maxima of the Netherlands, exude propriety and conducted themselves properly when in public places even during their holiday getaways.

Now, William and Kate expressed anger and disappointment over the French magazine that first published the nude photos. Baloney! It was their fault...Are they not aware that they are constantly watched? So why this commoner woman still dared to go topless in the balcony and then cries foul?

Moral lesson for her: Do not strip off your undies at the balcony even if it is a private villa. Reserve your racy action inside your house. You will never know what will happen next.

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