Prince Harry's Romance

In the past years when Prince William was still single, I had wished that he would end up with someone who is a royal princess or at least an aristocrat. I always thought that being a future British King he should take a bride from the upper class.

Her Royal Highness, Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark

Among the choices of princesses and aristocrats whom William would have fixed his eyes:

  • Princess Madelaine of Sweden (daughter of King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden and William's fifth cousin)
  • Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark (daughter of William's godfather and great uncle King Constantine II of Greece)
  • The Honourable Alexandra Knatchbull (daughter of William's godfather and great uncle Lord Nicholas Knatchbull)
  • Lady Melissa Percy (daughter of the Duke of Northumberland)
  • Lady Edwina Grosvenor (daughter of the 6th Duke of Westminster, the richest aristocrat in Britain).
But, oh well, destiny decreed otherwise.

Prince William instead chose someone from the working class whose family background was no where to be found in the social class system of Britain, for the man who is destined to become King William V, it was an unthinkable match. With his choice of a bride, he appeared like a man mentioned in the classic Danish fairtytale book who was so unsure with his choice that he ended up betrothed to a girl with several heads.

Kate Middleton would forever change the ancient concept of "Blue-blooded royals" in the British monarchy, thoroughly erasing the traces and links of bloodline from monarchs on the mother side of future British royals. Until recently, all British royals traced their bloodline on their mother's side from the first Anglo Saxon King who united England, King Egbert.

Kate Middleton whose family descended from the working class of coal miners, would inject a classless DNA to future British heirs, making the future of British monarchy less-than prestigious and very ordinary therefore not worthy to be adulated anymore. 

After William's wedding...I made another wish...again. This time for Prince Harry, third in line of succession to the British throne.

In the event that William would not be blessed with children, Harry would one day become King Henry IX, thus, must choose someone from the elite circle of aristocracy. Chelsy Davy, a Zimbabwean commoner whom he dated for almost six years, is definitely out of the choices.
Cressida Bonas and Prince Harry. She is a granddaughter of a British Earl, Cressida's mother carries a title of a "Lady" just like Harrys' late mother, Diana, who was also a daughter of a British Earl.

Sometimes in September this year, I woke up one day to read that he started getting cozy with the elegant and gorgeous young aristocrat, 23-year-old Cressida Bonas, who, by a strange twist of fate, is a half-sister of Isabella Calthorpe, the lady who was famously known as the only one who turned down Prince William. This time, maybe, my wish would finally come true that one of the sons of Prince Charles would marry someone from the upper-class.

Cressida Bonas is one of the lovely daughters of Lady Mary Gaye Curzon (daughter of the Earl of Howe), a banking heiress, her father is a wealthy businessman, Jeffrey Bonas, who now lived in Norfolk.
 The 23-year-old heiress is described as "really, really pretty" who grew up in the upper-class system of Britain, her aristocratic background made her more appealing for a royal match.

She is every inch a suitable royal match. With her aristocratic family background, wealth and beguiling personality, there's no doubt why she would not be approved by the organization called "the royal household".  

Prince Harry is known with his flirtation antics and often involved in a controversial display of vulgarity when it comes to women, the most famous so far was his escapade in Las Vegas last April. He went on several dates but his serious romantic involvement was that of Chelsy Davy alone. She and the Prince dated for almost six years before they parted ways in 2009. The Zimbabwean native is now enjoying her life without pressure from the press, but she was not viewed neither as a perfect match for the third-in-line due to her commoner background.

But this latest fling is quite different, the girl belonged to an old aristocratic family in Britain and her family's wealth and upper-class background ensured her of protection from discrimination and snub from royal watchers like what Kate Middleton had gone through. She is rich and aristocrat and in a socially-conscious society like Britain, that's what all that matters.

According to the Daily Mail UK, Prince Harry might, finally, consider his intention for Cressida seriously now that he is 28. It was claimed that he regularly telephoned Cressida from Afghanistan where he currently served as a pilot gunner for the British troops.

Well, let us see and hope that the fun-loving Prince would finally end his "search".

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