New British Heir

Royal brothers at the royal wedding in 2011. 
Prince Harry, a captain in the British Army, will now be moved one notch farther from the throne after the birth of his nephew. Prince William, a captain in the Royal Airforce, is now a proud father.

I'll just post one brief entry about the birth of the new British heir. I am not a fan of the Duchess of Cambridge so I won't blob too much about her condition, I never posted here about her pregnancy. In contrast to the media frenzy and people's excitement towards her delivery, I am not enthusiastic even if I am a royal watcher. My disgust towards her did not diminish, she is not royalty, marriage to a prince does not made her a fairytale princess in sentiment.

I hated the fact that I can no longer continue writing the glorious, royal blood line of the new British heir because his mother has no aristocratic blood and writing down the names of commoners seems not a fascinating idea.

The former Kate Middleton gave birth to a healthy baby boy yesterday, July 22, 2012 at 4:20 pm and so goes the palace announcement. She gave birth to the same lindo wing where the late Princess of Wales, Diana gave birth to William and Harry at St. Mary's hospital, Paddington, London. All through out her pregnancy, no announcement was made regarding the gender of the child. It remained a top secret.

The media and most of the public anticipated for a girl after hints had been caught from Catherine almost mentioning a "daughter" but the gender of the child does not really matter in the present law of succession of the British monarchy. Unlike in the past where the primogeniture law was the implemented rule, now Britain embraced the law of equal succession just like other European royal courts, meaning a girl would no longer be pushed aside by a younger brother in the line of succession. 

The new royal baby will be styled HRH Prince of Cambridge. The baby has no name yet because his name will be officially announced  the moment a palace aide leaves the entrance of the Lindo Wing bearing a typed medical bulletin signed by doctors at birth. But one thing is for sure, as he is a direct heir to the throne, his name will be according to the long list of names of the former British monarchs. Popular choices are George, William, Henry, Charles, Edward, Richard, James.

Through the new royal baby birth, each successor after Prince William will now move one notch farther from the throne, something that never happens since the birth of Princess Eugenie in 1990. Prince Harry will now fourth in line of succession.

Prince William, styled the Duke of Cambridge after his wedding in 2011, is a member of the Royal Airforce and now served as Search and Rescue Operation Pilot at Anglesey, Wales.

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