Prince Philip presents medals at the RSE

He is my number one favourite male royal family member in the British royalty and every time he confines in the hospital, I would immediately make a wish that hopefully he will be okay. And just this morning, his royal highness appears in public looking healthy and in a very good shape.

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, made his first public appearance since undergoing a stomach operation nearly two months ago. He presented medals to scientists at the Royal Society of Edinburgh where he is an honorary fellow since 1951.

The health condition of Prince Philip had been hitting headlines since Christmas 2011. At the age of 92 (last June 10, 2013), the Duke of Edinburgh is still undertaking public engagements and has been seen actively participating many events concerning the crown. His devotion to royal duties is still very evident.

Prince Philip will remain in Balmoral Castle, the royal family's summer retreat in Scotland, until October and according to the news, the Duke has not yet seen his new great grandson, Prince George of Cambridge, whose two last names, Alexander and Louis were believed to be attributed to Philip's family.

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