Princess Madelaine's Baby Bump

Princess Madelaine dazzled in a fitted blue Tiffany Rose lace gown last December 19 at an event in Stockholm, Sweden, celebrating her mother's 70th birthday. 

According to reports, the fourth in line to the Swedish throne is scheduled to give birth to a baby girl on February 25, 2014.
Princess Madelaine of Sweden, pictured with her husband, Chris O'Neil, 
showed off her growing baby bump last December 19, 2013. 
She looked radiant in a fitted blue lace gown.

She married Christopher O'Neil, a New York-based investment banker, last June 8, 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden.

There's still no official statement as to how the child would be treated in the line of succession. The rules of succession stated that all children of Swedish royals must be raised in Sweden to retain their places in the line of succession. 

The Princess and her husband are taking permanent residence in New York and it is most unlikely that the Princess will move back to Sweden after giving birth. But whether the King will grant a special exemption for Madelaine's offspring, that remains to be seen, but one thing for sure, the future children of Princess Madelaine will not bear a royal title as her husband, Chris O'Neil, was not bestowed with any titles upon marriage and preferred to remain a commoner. As children always take their social status from their father, future children of Madelaine will remain titleless.

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