Eve of the Royal Wedding

Tomorrow, the world will witness the royal wedding of Prince William and Miss Middleton, and as what Kitty Kelly mentioned in her book, The Royals, "Royal weddings invigorate the monarchy. With all its pageantry, they pump energy into the ancient rituals. They provide an epic pageant that can stirs emotions." Royalty often spend lavishly on the weddings because they believed such occasion helps revitalize the monarchy.

And royals knew they needed one to attract their subjects' fascination once again and wind up threats from the republicans of a change of government. 

The people too are tired hearing bad news and witnessing crimes. that traveling back to the fairy land seems a welcome respite.

Amidst the economic meltdown, political unrest, global warming and calamities that hit the world, it seems we needed something to amuse us in order  to distract our mind temporarily from all the chaos and clutters in the surrounding. Nothing is more fascinating than watching royals come out from their castles and palaces and paraded in town mesmerizing us with their fascinator hats, sash and crowns.

The prancing horses, glass couches, horse-drawn carriages, blaring trumpets, footmen and royal guards in their state livery, offer a unique experience of grasping a life in a fairytale world away from these troubles we are in. 

As William and Kate are preparing to walk-down-the-aisle tomorrow, people from other parts of the globe are also excited to wake up to watch their very public saying of "I dos". 

APRIL 27, Wednesday
They had their final wedding rehearsal last Wednesday at Westminster Abbey with their  young bride's maids, page boys, Best Man and Maid of Honor, Kate's father also attended to practice how to walk with his daughter all the way to the altar. Later, Prince William went out with his training suit with his friends riding in a motorbike playing football.

The wedding has 1,900 guests from different background and event is assumed to reach 34 million pounds in spending which will be shouldered by Prince Charles and the Queen with private and small contribution from the Middletons. Catherine seems won the jackpot prize in Lotto.

APRIL 28 Thursday
The Middletons checked-in at the posh Goring Hotel where they will stay until the morning of April 29. This morning, one of the palace aide was seen carrying a covered-dress, believed to be Kate's wedding gown, from Clarence House to Goring Hotel. The florists already decorated the Abbey this morning with spring romantic green plants with white and yellow flowers transforming the church into a lush forest dazzling in a bright morning light. But weather forecasters announced Friday the 29th might be marred by heavy rain.

At 6:00 pm, Prince William surprised the throngs of people who had camped earlier on the Green parks to get better positions on the wedding route. The Prince went out to greet them and thanked them with their supports. His grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, went to Mandarin Oriental Hotel near Hyde Park (across Buckingham Palace) to host a dinner with foreign royals.

While browsing on the photos of the couple's secret rehearsal at Westminster Abbey and watching the live videos, I noticed how messy Catherine's face, (picture left) she looked totally drained and haggard and her hair is so ghastly dry and frizzy, the dress she wore (black print with white polka dot which she topped with white cotton blazer, she wore her favorite black peep toe shoes) didn't compliment her physique and it feels like she dropped her dress size too thinly. She looked like a complete skeleton and she seemed tensed and nervous. Could it be wedding jittery? Relax girl, remember it is your ultimate dream to marry a Prince and wear a crown, you devices so many scheme for the past 10 years so rest your mind in peace now that you have it.

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