Kate Middlebum. Controversial Wardrobe Blunder of The Duchess of Cambridge

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge often made controversial headlines, not on her ground-shaking accomplishment in the royal family, but on her numerous wardrobe gaffe in public.

The malfunction, which critics slighted as stupidity on wearing dress that easily blown off by the gust of wind, caught  by photographers' lens and scrutinized in newspapers.

Many times the royal palace took legal action against magazines and newspapers that published the scandalous photos but by then it spread everywhere in the internet.

Royals must remember that they are in public places, not holidaying in a private villa, and their every move is being watched by millions. A slight mishap will surely land them in a hot water.

The Royal Dress Code

Queen Elizabeth II is always the model of proper decorum when it comes to wearing stunning outfit in public, she has not worn a dress that exposed her thighs when gracing a public engagement ever since in her reign.

If ever she worn a summery dress or a soft fabric, her wardrobe assistant always let her worn a slip, a coat, or sewn something inside that would not expose the royal thigh.

Queen Elizabeth II's outfit is always secured with a coat
while Kate is fond of wearing dresses above the knee

Kate Middleton is expected to follow this royal dress code. But ever since joining the royal family in 2011, she has prone to wardrobe blunder in public. It could be due to her choice of outfit. Soft fabric, chiffon type and summery dress that easily blown off by a gust of wind, the result, a controversial snap.

She has broken royal protocol on outfit many times and it sent worries to the Queen according to several sources.

In 2014, prior to the royal tour of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Australia and New Zealand, Her Majesty expressed concern on Kate's choices of outfit when gracing a public event (she is fond of wearing above the knee skirt and dress susceptible to malfunction) that she demanded for a makeover on Kate's wardrobe to avoid embarrassing snaps.

It fell to deaf ears.

During the 2014 Australia and New Zealand tour, she has numerous elicit Marilyn Monroe moments, one snap even left little to the imagination that the palace threatened to sue a German magazine for publishing the photo that exposed Kate's bum.

The embarrassing snap, caught by a ground photographer, became a subject of funny comments among critics slighting Kate if she ever worn proper undies, or just a thong.

2014. The most embarrassing snap 
that left little to the imagination

Granting her position in the society and the attraction it draws when a blunder is committed in public, Kate could have at least worn something inside, a slip, a double fabric that would not expose her thighs. But she had repeated it several times, almost every year she has something to dish to the public.

We are not blaming her for selecting such outfit, it's her freedom, but she is a public figure and must be vigilant with the way she shown herself to the public, a slight mishap is always controversial.

Other members of the royal family always dressed appropriately when taking a public engagement, there's no reason why Catherine could not follow such rules.

Many times in her eight years in the royal family she often committed blunders with her wardrobe. Did she deliberately let it happen? Lack of better judgment what type of fabric to wear in a particular location and weather? Or simply stupidity.

After that scandalous bum exposure where people debated if she wore just a thong, one columnist even commented the Duchess of Cambridge might have been aware that someone will take a photo of her blowing--in-the wind dress and her posterior. After all, it already happened in Canada when a crisp wind rolled at Calgary airport, lifting her Jenny Packham yellow chiffon dress. So, she must have learned from that mistake.

But it went on and on and Her Majesty might be digging her heels in dismay with Kate's indiscretion on her wardrobe choices.

Here are some of Kate's embarrassing Marilyn Monroe moments 

In 2011, after the royal wedding, they made an official tour to Canada, and while at the Calgary airport, Kate's Jenny Packman chiffon yellow dress blew up to her waist, exposing her thighs and bottom, with Canadian security details at her back.

2011. At the Calgary airport in Canada
Kate might have worn a panty hose

However, the public understood the gaffe.

She was still new in the spotlight and might still learning the rope of royal decorum and dress code and what to wear in public when gracing an event.

In 2012, she had a major blowout with the paparazzi when she was photographed topless while holidaying in a French villa with Prince William.

The palace moved to sue an international magazine for publishing her topless photos, one angle exposed her bum while Prince William applying a sunblock. The palace described it as a "grotesque invasion of privacy".

But the blowing-off-dress moments continued to haunt her. Just a few months after the French villa indecency, she was photographed again in Brisbane airport with her summery dress blew up at her back upon stepping down from the plane.
2012. At Brisbane airport.

But she did not learn her lesson. She continued to commit embarrassing photo snap in public with the types of dress she wore. Something that leaves you wondering if she has a dress stylist that understands the dress code of the royal family.

2013 while pregnant with Prince George
undated photo exposing her tighs

The most scandalous snap however, happened in 2014 during the royal tour in Australia and New Zealand. Her bum was caught on camera!

It was taken in Sydney airport while boarding a plane. A gust of wind rolled over and Kate's soft fabric dress swayed, revealing what's inside.

2014. A controversial photo that left little to the imagination

Click. Click

The photo made a round up vigorous discussion than the royal tour, on yet another blunder, and indecent exposure of her posterior. Some scrutinized her underwear, others speculated she might have worn just a thong.

The royal family was heard taking legal action against a German newspaper for splashing the Cambridge bottom in the front page which left little to the imagination. 

But just how many times it happened?

Why she did not learn a lesson and wear a slip next time? Why she did not anticipate such moments where a gust of wind might ruin her posture?

She is showing too much of her skin with the choices of outfit she wear in public, something that no wife of a senior British royal has done in the past, not even Diana.

During that 2014 tour, there was another blowing off moment with her red dress when they stepped down from the aircraft. But why she wore such kind of dress when the design is prone to mishap with the wind?

2014 Australian Tour. Oh, not again Kate!

The same year, another mishap took place while part of the entourage welcoming the President of Singapore. Her bespoke Alexander McQueen dark coat swayed.

2014 October. Just how many times this happened?
Marilyn Monroe moment in India

In yet another wardrobe mishap, during a visit to India with Prince William, her white Emilia Wickstead flowing dress flew up while placing a wreath at a war memorial in New Delhi.

Can't she wear a slip to cover up inside?

In 2018, at the wedding of Princess Eugenie she had it again. When the royal family stepped out of the church and the environment was windy. The Countess of Wessex, who wore a dignified below the knee dress, seemed holding her breath what might show up.

2018. Outside St. George's Chapel
The Countess of Wessex, who wore a long dress,
looked on mystified what might happen next

It appears that she had broken up protocol on royal dress code. But why Kate cannot just followed it just like other wives of senior British royals.

Most of them, even the Queen, wore a modest dress, below the knee, when in public to avoid showing off some skin. And there's always a coat to cover in case the fabric is soft and light. 


And the Duchess of Cambridge's distasteful fashion style continues. We might get used to it. She is probe to blowing off her dress to her waist that a New York Post commented, "Mooning the world is the most interesting thing Kate Middleton has done". 

Another blunder

Although, yes, it's downright inappropriate to slight women about the choices of dresses they worn, and it's even disrespectful if newspapers published the embarrassing photos. It is mortifying for any woman to be pictured in such inconvenient circumstances and no one has the right to poke fun on the malfunction.

But remember that the Duchess of Cambridge is a public figure, her every move is widely watched and often the subject of intense scrutiny, she is in line to become a Queen Consort, a position that signifies dignity, correct decorum and class, she should at least uphold a certain degree of modesty in her outfit when in public.

After the 2014 wardrobe blunder in Australia, commentators wondered why the Duchess of Cambridge did not learn a lesson and continued to commit such fashion gaffe.

Amanda Platell, a columnist of Daily Mail in UK, made to comment the following:

I could not help but think that surely Kate could have tried a little harder to keep her modesty under wraps? As a relatively seasoned member of the royal family, isn't it time she made more of an effort to cover up?

After all, every woman - especially a public figure who is constantly photographed - knows that a lightweight fly away dress and the merest threat of a breeze hardly marks the right occasion to wear the skimpiest knickers in your drawer.

Indeed, sadly I feel there is barely a part of the Duchess's body that I have not seen. It's not so long ago that Kate was snapped topless on a French holiday with William.

My feeling is that the Duchess of Cambridge might be too aware with the possibility of a controversial snap should her dress sway up. It happened many times.

With the number of times she committed such wardrobe controversies, her critics cannot help but looked back at her younger days where she was a bit of a show off in her dress choices.

The Kate Middlebum Days

The Duchess of Cambridge showing of her bottom and thighs on several wardrobe malfunction caught on camera did not surprise her high school dorm mate, Jessica Hay, according to a new book.

A daily Mail UK article claimed that Kate Middleton was known to have flashing her nude bum to male students passing to her dorm window 90 times, according to Hay, earning her a moniker, Kate Middlebum.

The article claimed that, at 13, Kate Middleton was a mousy bookworm who had been bullied in school. And the boys judged her look at just 2, in the scale of 1 to 10 for beautiful looks.

At Marlborough College, she got addicted to "mooning" according to Jessica Hay. "Over the course of a year, she put her bare bum in the window for anyone to see no less than 90 times".

Kate carried it in her college days, where she tailed Prince William to St. Andrews University in Scotland, and enrolled in the same course William in, Art History.

Kate Middleton romped at St. Andrew's Annual Charity Event

In what would become a popular story on how they met, Prince William was infatuated with her when he saw her on stage romping for St. Andrew's Annual Charity event, wearing just a black two piece covered with a lace dress.

She was quite known wearing wild dresses before the royal engagement in 2010. Known as a party goer, Kate often snapped with skimpy dress and drank, coming home late after night clubbing.

It's no longer surprising that even today she loves wearing revealing outfit and continues to dish the world with her thigh and bum exposure.

Kate Middleton night clubbing

Revelation on Prince's Fantasy

It must be remembered that Jessica Hay was not invited to the royal wedding in 2011 for revealing too much about Kate Middleton's mischievous days.

Here's an excerpt of the story in Daily Mail UK

He (Prince William) was the very reason she (Kate Middleton) was there (St. Andrew's University): to meet, and with any luck, marry the future monarch, Andersen writes.
Kate had harbored a crush on Princess Diana's oldest son for years and displayed a color photo of him with his father, Prince Charles, in her bedroom at Marlborough College, says the author.
She tracked Will's royal schedule, read every newspaper and magazine story including every gossip item.
'You cannot tell me anything about Prince William that I don't already know,' she told a schoolmate.
Like mother, like daughter: Kate's mother, Carole Goldsmith was six years older than Diana, and her youthful fixation was on William's father, Charles, the Prince of Wales.
But there wasn't even a remote chance their paths would ever cross.
Growing up, Carole's family moved from a cramped, unheated flat in London's downscale Southall to a larger house in the nearby area of Ealing, decidedly more affluent but not any closer to her fantasy Prince.
Kate Middleton and Lord Frederick Windsor
Photo: Getty Images

It was even claimed that Kate Middleton briefly flirted with Prince William's cousin, Lord Frederick Windsor, son of Prince Michael of Kent, in 2006.
Source: Daily Mail UK

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