No Wedding Ring for Prince William

Wedding Rings are platinum bands worn by husband and wife, part of the long-cherished tradition of married life since the middle ages. It is a significant and precious symbol of the couples' love and deep commitment of a lifetime union. But what if royals are not into it? While modern ordinary men embraced this tradition wholeheartedly, British aristocrats seemed wary to take it as part of their married life. They treated it only as a personal choice and not as part of their marriage sentiments.
Type of Wedding bands. The plain design is intended for the groom, while the one with stones is for the bride
Prince William and Kate Middleton. While modern married men usually wear a wedding band, Prince William won't have it and will follow other male royals and aristocrats who have no wedding ring on their left fingers. His decision frowned the public because he is widely viewed as a modern royal who slowly adopted the lifestyle of ordinary people
And the issue of wearing a wedding ring becomes one of the most favorite topics in the royal circle once again as Prince William's wedding gets nearer. Would he wear a wedding ring? The answer is NO.

An article from the Daily Mail online revealed that the Prince will not wear a wedding ring following his marriage to Kate Middleton. The palace spokesman was quoted saying "It is a personal preference and William has decided not wear one". It further revealed that Prince William is not into jewelry and that this issue is already settled with his fiancee who reportedly "accepted the decision of the Prince happily". William will follow the tradition sets by other male royals, most notably his grandfather, Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh, and some aristocrats of not wearing a wedding band.

But William's father, Prince Charles and uncle, Prince Edward, wore wedding rings on their left fingers. The Prince of Wales placed it under his signet ring on his left little finger.
Prince Charles wore a wedding ring during his marriage to the late Diana, Princess of Wales
...and to Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall

While Kate Middleton will be presented with a ring made of a lump of Welsh Gold owned by the royal family, which will be carried by Prince Harry to the altar (the correct wedding etiquette dictates that rings should be carried by a Best Man to the altar and not by a young boy as we have seen on several wedding ceremonies),  Prince William don't have one as it is his personal choice not to wear a wedding ring. The Church of England's marriage vow clearly reinforced this decision of some aristocrats, according to the wedding rites under the Anglican religion, a wedding ring symbolizes "the worldly goods of the groom" the exact line will be uttered by the groom only, since the bride is not require to do it, she is not oblige to slip a ring to her husband's finger. But in the Catholic Church's rites, the ring symbolizes "deepest commitment and fidelity" which will be uttered both by the couple, hence, the importance of presenting a ring to each other.
Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and Her Majesty, the Queen. While she wears a wedding band her husband does not have one

Other royals and aristocrats who had no wedding ring on their fingers are William's grandfather, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, James Ogilvy (son of Princess Alexandra of Kent), Edward Van Cutsem (husband of Lady Tamara Grosvenor), George Gilman (husband of Lady Rose Windsor) and many aristocrats.

Mean while, Kate Middleton, by now must prepare how to say the real name of Prince William correctly during their exchange of marriage vow to avoid the blooper that Princess Diana committed in July 1981 when she nervously rambled the names of Prince Charles, she uttered "Philip Charles Arthur George", instead of "Charles Philip Arthur George", later on, Charles's joked that his bride had just married his father Prince Philip!

William's real birth name is William Arthur Philip Louis Spencer Mountbatten-Windsor

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