Queen Fabiola of Belgium

No, she is not the wife of King Albert II (the current monarch of Belgium) but his sister-in-law.

Queen Fabiola, known as the mother of Belgians after the death of her husband, King Baudouin in 1993, is the daughter of a Spanish aristocrat, Gonzalo de Mora y Fernandez, 4th Marquess of Casa Reira and 2nd Count of Mora. She was brought up a conservative Catholic. She married King Baudouin (older brother of King Albert II ) on December 15, 1960 in Belgium. The couple however had no children as the Queen's pregnancies ended in miscarriages, she had five miscarriages.

After her husband's death she moved out from the royal palace and reduced her public appearances to give way for the new Queen Consort, Queen Paola (wife of King Albert II). Queen Fabiola will celebrate her 83rd birthday this coming June 11, 2011. She is always included in all royal events in Belgium, joining the family of her brother-in-law in all official photo calls and important royal gatherings. 

The Queen is known with her very simple lifestyle. Even during the time of her husband's reign, she never wear designer's clothes or cared about make up or other luxury stuff. She has a natural charm and warmth which endeared her most to the people of Belgium.

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