The Queen's touching tribute to her husband

The Queen and her husband, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II gave a personal, touching tribute to her husband, Prince Philip, on the occasion of his 90th birthday celebration.

Officially known His Royal Highness, the Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Earl Merrioneth and Baron Greenwich, the Queen's husband, who turned 90 last June 10, 2011, has another title added to his name aside from being the Admiral of the Fleet and Captain General in the Royal Marines. Now, he is the Lord High Admiral, a titular head of the Royal Navy previously held by the Queen since 1964.

This could be the most precious birthday gift Prince Philip ever received from his wife because it has some personal touches. It is something which the Prince held precious in his heart, both in sentiments and in reality. It is a common knowledge that the Prince wanted to make Navy as his lifetime career. Since becoming a midshipman in 1939 at the outbreak of World War II, Philip, who was still a royal Greek Prince at that time, has been passionate with his task in the Royal Navy, his passion and dedication paid off when he quickly rose to rank, first as a sub-lieutenant then as a first class lieutenant making him one of the youngest first class officers in the Royal Navy.

However his dream to devote his life in the Navy was cut-short when his father-in-law, King George VI, died suddenly on February 1952 paving the way for the accession of his wife to the British throne and making him a Prince Consort at the age of 31. When asked about his feeling about the sudden change in his public life, the Duke of Edinburgh was quoted saying "[it was] disappointing, but being married to the queen, it seemed to me that my first duty was to serve her in the best way I could". True enough, since paying homage, expressing his loyalty to Her Majesty during her coronation in June 1953, Prince Philip did not falter in his role, he became the British monarchy's staunchest defender and protector.

The Queen is not the only person who honored her husband with a new title but the Canadian Prime Minister too. Prime Minister, Stephen Harper of Canada named Philip an Admiral and General in the Canadian Armed Forces praising the Prince's "significant contribution to our national life". The Queen is Canada and other British dominion's head of state. British Prime Minister David Cameron also paid tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh, he said "Prince Philip has been a constant companion and a source of rock-solid strength to the Queen".

On his 90th birthday, Prince Philip was honoured with a 62-gun salute, he also hosted a charity reception and attended a conference of military colonels. But his official birthday celebration will be celebrated on Sunday, June 12 with a special service at St. George's Chapel in Windsor with the rest of the royal family members.

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