Imperial and Royal Wedding in Germany

Prince Georg of Prussia and Princess Sophie of Isenburg, stepped out from the church after their wedding in Potsdam, Germany last August 27, 2011. The bride wore an elegant Wolfgang Joop creation of silk and tulle white gown. Her diamond tiara and veil are both taken from the Princely Isenburg family heirlooms.
Photo image from EPA and the Daily mail UK

Germany is once an Empire. Until 1918, when its last Emperor, William II, a grandson of Queen Victoria of England, was forced to abdicate at the close of World War I. The once powerful empire was reduced into a mere country and its Princely states were disbanded, nevertheless, most of their descendants retained their royal titles as courtesy styles.

When German military leader, Otto von Bismarck, successfully unified Germany in the 19th century into one nation, he became the country's Chancellor and brought the Prussian King from the royal house of Hohenzollern, William I, to the throne as Germany's Emperor. Since then all German Kaisers (Emperors) were descended from him until the monarchy was abolished in 1918.
The couple's first public kiss after the ceremony
The newlyweds
But royal tradition never ceased--though in reality it did not exist any more, as much as people continue to believe and be enchanted with fairytales, royalty and fantasy of the ever-after phenomena, will always there and continue to amaze and amuse the public. This fascination was clearly revealed during the weddings of Prince William and Prince Albert, though in the correct sense the ceremonies cannot be categorically called "royal weddings" as they married commoners, still the events were good alternatives of the chaos and crisis that hit the world. A royal status is acquired by birth and a lifetime courtesy style and cannot be erased by succeeding circumstances like abolition of monarchy or abdication, thus, Prince Georg of Prussia and Princess Sophie of Isenburg and other members in the "fallen monarchies and Princely states in Europe" are still royalty.
At the ground of Schloss Sanssouci Palace, just outside the church, this is the former summer palace of the Hohenzollern family for many centuries. The couple rode in a midnight blue landau carriage drawn by six horses. 

Now, it's Germany's turn for another royal wedding, this time, a true Imperial and Royal wedding. Prince Georg and Princess Sophie wed in a religious ceremony in Potsdam, just outside Berlin, where the former summer palace of the Hohenzollern family is located. Their wedding was attended by several royal family members around the world. Britain's representatives were the Lord and Lady Nicholas Windsor, son and daughter-in-law of Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent (first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II). Prince Georg is the current head of the House of Hohenzollern (Prussia), had the monarchy still exist today, he would have been the country's Emperor.
The British royal family's representatives to the wedding, Lord Nicholas Windsor and his wife, Paola, Lady Windsor with their children. Lord Nicholas is the youngest child of Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent--a first cousin to the Queen

Princess Sophie wore a gorgeous silk and tulle gown designed by Wolfgang Joop and her glamorous diamond tiara, a family heirloom of the Princely Isenburg family, was held in place by a long tulle veil. Prince Georg donned a pinstripe wedding suit with a black hat. The groom is a double third cousin of Queen Elizabeth II and all the current monarchs of Europe, he is also listed in the line of succession to the British throne as a direct descendant of Queen Victoria's eldest child, Princess Vicky, the mother of Emperor William II, but because he married a Roman Catholic, he will be removed from the line of succession as British Rule of Succession strictly prohibited all royal descendants to take a Roman Catholic spouse. The reason for this is that, a British monarch will be automatically the Supreme Head of the Church of England which is a protestant church.

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