Upcoming Royal Wedding

After drought of REAL royal weddings in the existing European royal houses, (where future monarchs chose to marry commoners) finally, the curse had been lifted with the announcement of the official engagement of The Hereditary Grand duke of Luxembourg, Prince Guillaume, eldest son and successor of Grand Duke Henri.

Official engagement photo of the couple
The emerald-cut diamond  engagement ring given by the Prince to his fiancee

The Ducal Palace of Luxembourg announced last April 27, 2012 the engagement of 30-year-old Prince Guillaume to 28-year-old Countess Stephanie de Lannoy, a granddaughter of Princess Beatrice of Ligne in Belgium through her son, Count Philippe de Lannoy. Both Stephanie's parents descended from the distinguished aristocracy in Belgium.

The pretty aristocrat is an accomplished linguist, studied languages and German Philology at the University of Lovaina and very fluent in German, English, Dutch French and Russian. She earned a master's degree also in Berlin, Germany and spent a year in Russia learning its literary heritage. She has a very delicate, elegant fashion with a sense of style inherent to her birthright as aristocrat.

Countess Stephanie de Lannoy and Prince Guillaume

Perfect royal pair

FYI: In European royalty and nobility, a Countess is a female noble title ranking just below a Duchess and above a Viscountess. However, in a formal royal court decorum, a woman who is Countess by birth ranked higher in status than a woman who only got the title of a Duchess by marriage.

The couple's wedding date is scheduled on October 20, 2012.

Except Prince Alois of Liechtenstein who married a Bavarian Princess, no other future European crown heads married an aristocrat. All of them married women from the working class stock (not from the middle class) which slightly eroded the prestige of the crown and diminished the magic and charm of the concept of royalty.
The Countess looks like a Barbie doll with a peach and cream complexion

Good that Prince Guillaume uphold the prestige of the crown and understood the value of marrying well  within the upper class.

In the current European royalty, only three monarchs married fellow royals. Queen Elizabeth II of England married Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh who is a former Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, King Juan Carlos of Spain married Philip's cousin, Princess Sophia of Greece and Denmark while  King Albert II of Belgium married Princess Paola Ruffo di Calabria of Lombardia in Italy. 


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Mariel said…
I wonder what the stone in the center of Stephanie's ring is. It appears to be an apricot color, symbolic of the House of Orange. Would it be a citrine or an orange colored sapphire or orange tourmaline? It's a nice touch to have it this color.