Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg

The most gorgeous royal bride in modern Europe... 
 An apparition of loveliness. Countess Stephanie de Lannoy on her wedding day. Following her marriage to Prince Guillaume, Stephanie will now bear a title of Her Royal Highness, the Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg with a courtesy title of a Princess

Upon making the right choice to marry a Countess, Prince Guillaume became the only future European crown head, apart from Prince Alois of Leichtenstein, that has an aristocrat spouse. Prince Guillaume is the eldest son of the reigning Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Henri. Guillaume's choice of a wife is a reflection of what "gallantry" is all about because he chose to respect the ancient history of mysticism and charm of royalty while obeying the command of his heart.

Her wedding dress is made of intricate Chantilly lace, heavily embroidered with silver thread and decorated with crystals
The newlyweds after the church ceremony in Notre Dame Cathedral, Luxembourg

Countess Stephanie de Lannoy comes from a well-respected Belgian noble family, a granddaughter of a Princess, Stephanie's pedigree came from a long lines of Counts, Dukes and Princes in Belgium and due to her family's attachment to ancient aristocratic family of Europe her reputation is well protected and guarded. No controversies and doubts questioned on her background. She is a 28-year-old Belgian aristocrat who earned her languages degree at a Catholic University in Belgium. She had been dating Prince Guillaume since 2009.

A countess is a noble title in Europe ranking below a Duchess and above a Viscountess. While Grand Duchess is a royal title ranking above a Princess and just below a Queen or an Empress. Bloodline is more important than someone assuming the title from marriage, thus Stephanie by virtue of her birth right ranked above those commoner women who married into royalty.

The bride was a picture of loveliness wearing a magnificent ivory dress designed by Lebanese fashion designer, Ellie Saab. The beautiful gown with a 13 feet train is covered with intricate lace fabric and silver thread featuring a conservative bodice and lovely three-quarter lacey sleeves. It was delicately made from Chantilly lace, Calais lace, satin organza, tulle and silk crepe for the lining and decorated with 200 pieces of transparent glitters, 80,000 crystals, 50,000 beads and 10,000 meters of silver embroidery threads, such a classic creation for a lovely princess.

Stephanie wore a 15 meter silk tulle veil and held in place by a family tiara which her sisters had worn on their wedding day too. The family tiara is made of diamonds in the shape of an inverted pear surrounded by a dozen smaller jewels with a thin platinum jewelled frieze.



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