Life After The Crown. Princess Beatrix, the former Queen of the Netherlands, Turns 83

Life After Abdication

Unlike most of the monarchs who abdicated the throne, and retained their regnal names, the former Queen of the Netherlands reverted back to her princess title following her abdication in 2013.

Today, she is known as Her Royal Highness, Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands, Princess of Orange-Nassau, Princess of Lippe-Biesterfeld.

She remained out of the spotlight since her abdication, only performing royal duties on rarest occasion, she still has patronages on some organizations in support of the monarchy. 

Unlike other former monarchs in Europe who still continue to hug headlines due to controversies, Princess Beatrix lived a relatively quiet life. 

She currently resides in Drakensteyn Castle near the village of Lake Vuursche.

Reign as Dutch Queen

Born on January 31, 1938, Queen Beatrix inherited the throne from her mother, Queen Juliana, who abdicated on April 30, 1980. 

She is the eldest child among the three daughters of then Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld. She obtained a law degree in 1961 at Leiden University. 

Queen Beatrix with son, Prince Willem-Alexander, and Princess Maxima

Queen Beatrix and her husband, Claus von Amsberg, a German diplomat, had three sons together. Prince Claus died in 2002. 

Her second son, Prince Friso, was involved in a skiing incident in February 2012 and slipped into a coma. He did not regain consciousness until he died in August 2013, shortly four months after Queen Beatrix abdicated the throne.

Abdication after 33 years on the throne

Queen Beatrix followed the tradition of her two female predecessors in abdicating the throne. On the occasion of the Queen's Day, April 30, 2013, her 33rd anniversary on the Dutch throne, Queen Beatrix abdicated the throne in favor of her eldest son, Willem-Alexander.

Happy 83rd birthday Princess Beatrix! 🎂

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