No Other Royal Prince in Europe as Deprived as Prince Carl Philip of Sweden

The royal crown of Sweden continues to evade Prince Carl Philip.

No other royal prince in Europe as deprived as Prince Carl Philip of Sweden when it comes to succession rights. Once he was the crown prince now only 4th in the line of succession.

At the time of his birth in May 1979, he was the heir-apparent of his father, King Carl XVI Gustav. And expected to be one day King of Sweden,

But things were change in January 1980 when the Swedish constitution adopted the Absolute primogeniture law, giving equal rights to the monarch's daughters.

Unlike in Norway where the change was not applied retroactively. In Sweden, it was carried immediately and applied to the current times, thus, Prince Carl Philip was stripped of his birth right and the status of heir-apparent was transferred to his eldest sister, Princess Victoria.

Prince Carl Philip, though remains in the line of succession, he now places below Princess Victoria's children and future descendants.

In October 2019, his father made another major changes in the royal house. 

To reduce royal expenditure, King Carl XVI Gustav trimmed down the members of the royal House of Bernadotte. 

Prince Carl Philip and his wife, Princess Sofia

He and his younger sister, Princess Madeleine continue to be members of the royal house but their children stripped of their royal status. The children will no longer be styled as royal highnesses but retained the prince and princess styles.

It means that among the grandchildren of the king only the children of Crown Princess Victoria are members of the royal House of Bernadotte and have the right to be styled HRH.

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Madeleine's children are members of the royal family but not of the royal house. There's a big difference of this distinction.

Members of the royal family are not necessarily members of the royal house. They can attend public royal events but will not perform royal duties, they are not working members of the royal family, thus, not subjected to royal allowances.

Prince Carl Philip and his family

The wife of Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia, just gave birth to their third child last March 26 and he is the first grandchild of the king to be affected with this change. 

It was announced on March 28, Sunday, that his name is Julian Herbert Folke and granted by the king with the Duchy of Halland. 

He will be known as Prince Julian, Duke of Halland. He is a member of the Swedish royal family but not the House of Bernadotte, thus, would not enjoy the style of His Royal Highness. He is only His Highness.

However the infant prince retains his place in the line of succession and currently 7th behind his older brothers, Prince Alexander and Prince Gabriel.

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