Princess Alexandra of Hanover. Take A Look At This Glamorous Royal Darling

Princess Alexandra of Hanover
HRH Princess Alexandra of Hanover

Here's our latest royal darling in Europe. Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra of Hanover, born on July 20, 1999, a member of the House of Grimaldi in Monaco and the non-existent royal house of Hanover and Brunswick in Germany. 

The Kingdom of Hanover

The Hanoverian throne and its predecessor, the princely state of Hanover and dukedom of Brunswick ceased to exist following World War I, but just like former royal houses in all Europe, its royal members continue to fascinate royalists.

Prince Ernst August of Hanover and Princess Caroline of Monaco

The reigning Prince of Hanover and Duke of Brunswick is Prince Ernst August who is married to Princess Caroline of Monaco, his second wife. 

He is a direct descendant of King George III of Britain and Kaiser William II of Germany. He has three children, Hereditary Prince Ernst August, Prince Christian and Princess Alexandra.

Only daughter

Princess Alexandra of Hanover was born in Austria on July 20, 1999. She is the only daughter of Prince Ernst August and his only child with Princess Caroline of Monaco.

Princess Alexandra of Hanover

But she has three half-siblings from her mother's side: Andrea, Pierre and Charlotte Casiraghi, and two half-brothers from her father's side: Prince Ernst August and Prince Christian. Currently, she lived with her mother in Monaco.

Parents separated?

Although they did not divorce, Prince Ernst and Princess Caroline already leading separate lives since 2009 or 2010.

The royal couple living apart since 2009

The princess moved back to live in Monaco where the current Sovereign Prince is her brother, Prince Albert.

Royal bloodline

Princess Alexandra directly descended from King George III of Britain through his fifth son, Prince Ernst August, Duke of Cumberland.

After the death of Queen Anne in 1714, the British throne was inherited by her nearest protestant relative, Prince George of Hanover, great grandson of King James I, because all heirs who were Catholics were barred from succeeding the British throne. (Read related story: HERE)

Prince George became King George I in Britain and King of Hanover at the same time. In 1837 when King William IV, third son of King George III, died without legitimate heirs, the British throne passed to his niece, Queen Victoria.

However, Queen Victoria could not inherit the Hanoverian throne because of Salic law so it went to her uncle, Prince Ernst Augustus, Duke of Cumberland. In Britain, Victoria reigned under her mother and husband's German royal house name, Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.

Hanover lost its status as kingdom in 1870 following Austro-Prussian war and was annexed by the Kingdom of Prussia in 1871 as part of the German empire, thereby, becoming a princely state instead. 

However, in 1918 following Germany's defeat in World War I, all German monarchies were abolished and royal status were no longer recognized legally. 

But German royals still allowed to use their royal titles as courtesy styles. They still styled as royal and serene highnesses.

Apart from her bloodline from King George III, Princess Alexandra also directly descended from Queen Victoria's grandson, Kaiser William II.

The Kaiser's only daughter, Princess Viktoria Louise (the great-grandmother of Queen Sofia of Spain) was her  great-great-great grandmother.

Line of Succession

Just like all German royal houses, the Hanoverian crown couldn't be inherited by females, thus, Princess Alexandra is not in line to succeed her father.

The successors are only her two half brothers, Prince Ernst August and Prince Christian. However, in Monaco, which recognized female successors, she is currently 13th in line of succession.

Prince Ernst August and wife, Ekaterina Malysheva 

Hereditary Prince Ernst August is married to Ekaterina Malysheva, a Russian-born fashion designer, since July 2017. 

While Prince Christian is married Alessandra de Osma in November 2017. She is a Peruvian designer behind Moi & Sass, a former lawyer, model and comes from one of Peru’s most prestigious families.

Prince Christian of Hanover and Alessandra de Osma

From birth, Princess Alexandra, is listed in the line of succession to the British throne, but in October 2018, she converted to Roman  Catholic, the religion of the Monaco royals.

She then removed from her distance place in the line of succession to the British throne.


She made her debut to the fashion scene in 2015 and became the latest hot royal fashion trendsetter in Europe.

Princess Alexandra of Hanover
with half-sister, Charlotte Casiraghi

Princess Alexandra is a figure ice skater and has been competing in the ice rink since she was 11 years old.

Princess Alexandra of Hanover
with boyfriend, Ben-Sylvester Strautmann

She is currently dating German basketball star, Ben-Sylvester Strautmann.

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