The Queen's Touching Tribute to Prince Philip When She Delivers Her Christmas Day Message

This Christmas 2021 will be the first Christmas in Her Majesty's life since 1947 that she will face without her husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Prince Philip passed away in April this year after suffering from an illness brought by old age. He was 99.

On Christmas Day, she will deliver her traditional annual Christmas message to her subjects and it's just fitting to wear something that will remind her the presence of her husband of 73 years.

The Queen's pre-recorded message for Christmas Day 2021

In a photo released by Buckingham palace from the recorded Christmas message of the Queen, she wore a sapphire Chrysanthemum brooch.

Her Majesty also chose to feature only one photograph in the side table. The photograph of her 60th wedding anniversary where she and {Prince Philip reenacted their famous honeymoon photo call in Broadlands.

A message that she wanted the warm memories of her husband to stay with her during this season of love, peace, unity and joy.

Above photo: Honeymoon in broadlands. Below photo: 60th wedding anniversary

The sapphire Chrysanthemum brooch has personal touches to the Queen. It's the same brooch she wore during her honeymoon photo call with Prince Philip in Broadlands in 1947.

Honeymoon in broadlands

She also wore the same brooch in October 1950 during a family portrait photo call with Prince Philip and their two children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne.

Family portrait. October 1950

The Queen wore the brooch again in 2007 during their 60th wedding anniversary where she and the Duke of Edinburgh reenacted their iconic honeymoon in broadlands photo.

The sapphire Chrysanthemum brooch was given to the Queen in 1946 when she launched an oil tanker named after her, the British princess.

She had worn the brooch on important family events and on some occasions if there's a strong message she wanted to convey to the public.

One last time

The Queen wore the brooch again during the photo call with Prince Philip in November 2020 during their 73rd wedding anniversary.

The Queen and Prince Philip during their 73rd wedding anniversary

The photo was taken in Windsor Castle while they opened cards from their grandchildren. It was the last time the Queen and Prince Philip pictured together.

Christmas Tree this year in Windsor Castle

The Christmas tree in the Queen's residence in Windsor also has personal tributes to Prince Philip with decorations include sailor's blings (Prince Philip was a navy officer and known to have adored the sea life) and water color paintings tools. 

Prince Philip spent his days painting in Wood Farm (his residence in Norfolk prior to the pandemic) after his retirement from royal duties.

Publicly, the Queen showed stability and courage after the death of her husband, but privately, it's believed the monarch deeply mourned the passing of her husband whom she famously described as "my rock and my strength".

"He is someone who doesn't take easily to compliments, but he has quite simply been my strength and stay all these years," she said in her speech during their Golden wedding anniversary in 1997. 

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