Queen Margrethe II of Denmark Celebrates 50 Years on the Danish Throne

Her Majesty, Queen Margrethe II, marked an important milestone in her reign, the Golden Anniversary of her ascension to the Danish throne. But due to the ongoing pandemic, the celebration was largely reduced.

The Queen's arrived at Christiansborg Castle

Key events will be carried out later in the year, on September 10 and 11, 2022. Other important celebration marking the Golden Jubilee will be announced later.

The Queen's heir and eldest son, Prince Frederick, with wife, Princess Mary

Queen Margrethe II became her father's heir presumptive in 1953 after the succession law was altered to male-preference primogeniture succession.

The Queen's youngest son, Prince Joachim and wife, Princess Marie

Her parents, King Frederick IX and Queen Ingrid, didn't have a son. Queen Margrethe II is the eldest among the three daughters of the king.

King Frederick IX of Denmark, his wife Queen Ingrid (in red dress) and their three daughters (from left): Princess Benedikte, Princess Anne-Marie, and Princess Margrethe.

Before 1953, the heir presumptive was the king's only brother, Prince Knud. Queen Ingrid was the daughter of King Adolf VI of Sweden and his first wife, Princess Margareta of Connaught, a granddaughter of Queen Victoria.

Fifty years on the Danish throne

Queen Margrethe II has two younger sisters, Princess Benedikte and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece.

Key events today, January 14

The Danish Parliament's official marking of the celebration was done in the morning at Christiansborg Castle attended by the Queen, her sister, her two sons and their wives.

The royal family members were received at the county hall and signed a guest book before proceeding to the ceremony.

Wreath Laying at Roskilde Cathedral

The family then proceeded to Roskilde Cathedral for the wreath Laying at the Queen's parents grave, King Frederick IX and Queen Ingrid.

Wreath Laying at Roskilde Cathedral

Absent for the occasion is the Queen's youngest sister, Queen Anne-Marie of Greece, due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The Queen (left) Princess Benedikte (right)

Her husband, Constantine II, former King of Greece, just discharged from the hospital after infecting with coronavirus. The ex-king is now well and resting at home in Greece.

Christian IX Palace events

In the afternoon, the Queen received representatives of the Ladies and Gentlemen of the Hoffet at the Knight Hall of Christian IX Palace at Amalienborg.

The Queen let her dog sat at her lap while on official event at Christian IX Palace
The number of participants were reduced to COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings. 📷 Claus Bech, Royal House

Line of Succession to the Danish Throne:

Currently, there are only 11 individuals listed in the line of succession to the Danish throne.

The Queen's youngest sister and her descendants are excluded because when she married King Constantine II in 1964, Queen Anne-Marie gave up her right to the throne, as a protocol in marrying foreign ruler.

Princess Benedikte's children are not also in line to succeed because they lived outside Denmark (Germany).

In 2009, Denmark changed its law of succession to absolute primogeniture which means royal sisters are no longer be stepped aside by a younger brother.

Line of succession in Denmark:

1. The Crown Prince Frederick - eldest son of the Queen.

2. Prince Christian - eldest child of the Crown Prince.

3. Princess Isabella - second child of the Crown Prince

4. Prince Vincent - Third child of the Crown Prince

5. Princess Josephine - twin sister of Prince Vincent

6. Prince Joachim - youngest son of the Queen

7. Prince Nikolai - eldest child of Pince Joachim

8. Prince Felix - second child of Prince Joachim

9. Prince Henrik - third child of Prince Joachim

10. Princess Athena - fourth child of Prince Joachim

11. Princess Benedikte - younger sister of the Queen.

Photo credit: Detdanskekongehus, Official instagram account of the Danish royal family

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