The Queen's Moving Tribute to Prince Philip During Memorial Service

The British royal family celebrated the remarkable life of the late Duke of Edinburgh during the memorial service held at Westminster Abbey on March 29, 2022. It was attended by all members of the British royal family, except the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Almost 50 foreign royals came to England to attend the service.

However, the Queen, Princess Anne and the Duchess of Cornwall made the event even more special with their own tributes - by wearing forest green outfit, the color of the livery of Prince Philip's military regiment, known as the Edinburgh green.

Queen, Princess Anne and Duchess of Cornwall wore an Edinburgh green-inspired outfit

The Queen's special tribute to her "beloved Philip"

At 95, Her Majesty can still pull a glamorous fashion style in public engagement. And during her husband's memorial service, she appeared radiant and chic with her chosen outfit - a simple and yet Edinburgh green coat dress. 

The Queen was accompanied by her second son, in and out of the service, from Windsor Castle to Westminster Abbey, and back

She accessorized her outfit with a matching forest green hat, and her signature sleek black shoes and black handbag. Though she started appearing in public with a walking stick, her unique sense of style and choices of outfit have not diminished. She still looked fabulous and stylish at her age.

The Queen stood many times during the service without an aid of a walking stick

The church was also adorned with red, white and blue flowers, and orchids that composed the bridal bouquet of the Queen when she married Prince Philip in 1947.

But the most moving tribute she gave to her late husband during the memorial service was her choice of a brooch. 

The Queen's moving tribute to Prince Philip, the Scarab brooch

Known as the "Scarab" brooch, and crafted in yellow gold, ruby and diamond stones, it was designed by Andrew Grima. And was a personal gift of Prince Philip to the Queen in 1966.

Her Majesty is known with her massive collections of jewelry and precious accessories, but Scarab brooch has been one of her favorites because of its sentimental value attached to Prince Philip. 

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh in an official portrait marking their 70th wedding anniversary. She wore the scarab brooch that Prince Philip gave her in 1966

The Queen wore the scarab brooch for the first time in July 1966 when she attended a public event alongside Prince Philip
December 2007 to mark the 50th anniversary of her televised Christmas message
The Queen and Prince Philip posed for an official portrait to celebrate their platinum wedding anniversary. She chose to wear the scarab brooch to mark the occasion
Photos taken 70 years apart. Left: Announcement of their engagement in July 1947. Right: Platinum wedding anniversary in 2017

She was seen wearing Scarab brooch many times to mark important functions and events since 1966. It was also the brooch she chose to wear during an official portrait session with Prince Philip in 2017 to mark their 70th wedding anniversary.

Duchess of Cornwall

The Duchess of Cornwall, apart from wearing a forest-green outfit, she also pinned a badge of The Rifles, where Prince Philip was previously its colonel-in-chief until 2020 when he passed the role to Camilla.  

Duchess of Cornwall wearing a badge of The Rifles

In July 2020, it was announced that Prince Philip will transfer his role as colonel-in-chief of The Rifles , to his daughter-in-law, Camilla. 

The ceremony was the last public duty that the Duke of Edinburgh undertook. 

Due to the pandemic, the ceremonial transfer was held in two venues. In Windsor Castle, where Prince Philip stayed during lockdown, and in Highgrove estate, where Camilla and Prince Charles stayed.

Memorial service for Prince Philip at Westminster Abbey, March 29, 2022

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