Queen Letizia Flashes Abdomen Flesh in a Hot Fuchsia Ensemble Sparking Mixed Reactions from Royal Fans

Queen Letizia of Spain is one of the best-dressed royals in Europe and her chic style often dominated the discussion table of fashion magazine editors and style analysts, however, there are some occasions when she would don an outfit that's a bit controversial.

Like this hot fuchsia dress she wore in a recent public event.

This latest outfit of the Queen attracted heated discussions on social media due to its provocative cut. The dress, a Fuchsia Ring Detail dress called Vestido Detalle Anilla in Spanish is created by Cayro Woman, a Spanish fashion brand.

The style is similar to gypsy fashion clothing with loose sleeves and a ring in the center. It's a Midi dress with ring detail and side openings, revealing a sliver of flesh. 

The openings in the abdomen area of the dress, which revealed the Queen's flesh and her toned abdomen, sparked mixed reactions from royal fans. 

Some of the comments on Tumblr and Twitter:

"Oh, the Queen showed much flesh today"
"Lost of words with Letti's hot dress"
"It's a business event why she would wear that kind of dress revealing her flesh?"
"She's 50 and she's wearing a dress like that in a formal event?"
"Queen Letti wearing a dress showing her abdomen, was it just fine?"

And so on...

Well, it's fine. The dress looks good. And Queen Letizia is free to wear any kind of dress she wants. She's good in any style and cut. And this latest fashionable dress makes no difference. 

It suited her. She has a toned abdomen and we're kinda envious of how she diligently worked out to achieve those sexy abs and abdomen. We also noticed her tan skin in her most recent outings. 

It's just a small portion of flesh around the abdomen so we don't think it poses a big deal to dress something like that in a public event. And besides, it's 2022. Our mindset towards royal fashion is now totally changed.

Queen Letizia wore this dress on May 10, 2022, during the World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day event at the Oceanographic in Valencia, Spain. During the said event, Queen Letizia also handed out the 2022 Spanish Red Cross Medals.

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Here are what she wore during the event:

Dress: Fuchsia Ring Details (Vestido Detalle Anilla) from Cayro Woman €61.90
Shoes: Fuchsia Cro-Effect Slingback Pumps from Carolina Herrera

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