Duchess of Cambridge Recreates Princess Diana's 1988 Royal Ascot Polka-dot Look

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made a surprise appearance on the day 4 of the Royal Ascot Race on Friday, June 17, 2022, by participating in the horse-drawn carriage procession. It was an extraordinarily hot race day, with England temperature rising to 40 degrees!

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Royal Ascot Race 2022

But it did not stop Kate from wearing a close-neck polka dot dress in long-sleeves designed by Alessandra Rich, complete with a wide-brimmed hat in floral details. The classic style is reminiscent of the look of Julia Roberts's character in the 1990 hit film "Pretty Woman".

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attend royal ascot race 2022
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Royal Ascot 2022

However, it was not the Pretty Woman movie that was on the minds of royal fans when the Duchess of Cambridge arrived on Friday at the horse race. It was the warm memory of Princess Diana from the 1988 Royal Ascot Race that streamed in.
Left: Princess Diana, 1988 Ascot Race. Right: Duchess of Cambridge, 2022 Ascot Race

A sentimental day seeing Kate wearing the familiar design. Because the late Princess of Wales also wore the same print in the 1988 Royal Ascot Race when she graced the event with the members of the Royal Family. 

Kate recreated Diana's iconic polka dot dress

What made the occasion extra special is the fact that the Duchess of Cambridge also wore a pair of dropped pearl earrings that previously belonged to the mother-in-law she had never met in her lifetime. 

Kate Middletong wore Princess Diana's earrings to Ascot Race
Kate also wore Princess Diana's pearl dropped earrings

The late Diana, Princess of Wales wore this white and brown polka dot ensemble in the 1988 Royal Ascot Race in Windsor. She had re-wore this dress many times during her tenure as Princess of Wales.

Kate Middleton and Princess Diana polka dot dress
Left: Royal Ascot Race 1988 Right: Royal Ascot Race 2022
Kate Middleton recreates Princess Diana's polka dot dress
And the sapphire engagement ring!

During the 1988 Ascot Race, Princess Diana paired it also with a wide-brimmed hat only that it was different from the hat that Kate wore last Friday.

Princess Diana attended 1988 Royal Ascot Race
Princess Royal and the Princess of Wales in the 1988 Ascot Race. Getty Images

The former Kate Middleton, who now owns Princess Diana's iconic piece of jewelry, the oval-shaped Ceylon Sapphire engagement ring, regularly paid tribute to her late mother-in-law by wearing the same dress design or borrowing Diana's jewelry during public engagements.

Princess Diana and Duchess of Cambridge polka dot fashion

Princess Diana and Kate Middleton polka dot dress
Another resemblance. White polka dot in azure dress

She was spotted on numerous occasions recreating Princess Diana's iconic fashion look, and the People's Princess legion of fans who still missed her, cannot contain the excitement.

In her lifetime, Princess Diana donned several polka dot ensembles, and she always looked chic in every cut and design with those prints! We have several favorites of those pieces.

Princess Diana wearing polka dot dresses
Princess Diana in polka dot ensembles

The Duchess of Cambridge also likes to wear polka dot prints, it's one of her go-to styles when gracing public events. She was spotted wearing several of these kinds. And we have favorites also among all those polka dot fashions.

Kate Middleton wearing polka dot dress
Duchess of Cambridge in white polka dot fashion

Kate Middleton Polka dot dresses
Love her polka dot wardrobe

Other than the recent white and brown polka dot twinning, there are other similar polka dot dresses that Kate wore reminiscent of Princess Diana's style. Below are just some:

Princess Diana and Duchess of Cambridge polka dot dress

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