Mystery Surrounding Princess Charlene's Continued Absence in Monaco's Rose Ball

Rose Ball is one of the highlights in the royal calendar of the House of Grimaldi annually. It is also dubbed as the most glamorous and star-studded event of the year in the Principality of Monaco where celebrities, social figures, fashion icons, and members of the Grimaldi family come together. 

But one notable absent in the scene - Princess Charlene - always.

In fact, according to several sources, the Princess Consort of Monaco has not attended Rose Ball since 2014. Something surprising because Rose Ball is one of the most important events attended by the Monegasque royals annually.

Royal fans continue to wonder why the Sovereign Prince's wife is constantly absent from the event. Rose Ball is traditionally presided over by Prince Albert and Princess Caroline of Hanover.

Prince Albert, Princess Caroline, and Christian Louboutin

Others are surprised why the responsibility of organizing the Rose Ball event has not been turned over to Princess Charlene? Since she is now the Princess Consort of Monaco, Rose Ball was founded by the Princess Consort before her - Princess Grace.  

Prince Albert, Princess Caroline, and Christian Louboutin

Royal observers have high hopes it would be different this year and Princess Charlene would accompany her husband to the event because she has fully returned to royal duties.

Prince Albert II in Rose Ball 2022
Prince Albert II, Princess Caroline, Christian Louboutin

What could be the reason?

So why did Princess Charlene continue to miss the Rose Ball? Even the twins. Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, who regularly made appearances with the Grimaldi family did not show up at the event.

Speculations of friction between Princess Charlene and Princess Caroline have been frequently discussed in the royal circle. They have thought to have a frosty relationship. And the Rose Ball only highlights their fractured relationship. 

Prince Albert II in Rose Ball 2022
Prince Albert II, Princess Caroline and Christian Louboutin

Princess Caroline took over the chairmanship of the Rose Ball when her mother, Princess Grace, unexpectedly died in 1982. Surprisingly, she did not relinquish the responsibility to Charlene following the royal wedding in 2011.

So each year, it's not Princess Charlene who is in the arm of Prince Albert making an entrance to the Rose Ball, it's always his older sister, Princess Caroline.

To date, Princess Charlene has not seen in public with Prince Albert's sisters attending events since she resumed performing royal duties in April this year.

The mystery of Charlene's absence from Monaco's most glamorous social event continues to intrigue royal observers. 

What is Rose Ball?

Rose Ball is not only a social event, it is also a fundraising event for Princess of Grace Foundation. It was founded by Princess Grace in 1954 following her wedding to Prince Rainier III of Monaco. 

Princess Grace of Monaco died in 1982 in a car accident

It is organized annually in March to signal the onset of spring and is usually held in the prestigious Salle des Etoiles of the Sporting Monte-Carlo.

This year, the event was postponed to July 8, 2022, instead of March due to government restrictions on COVID-19. 

Princess Caroline made it a tradition to invite a world-renowned fashion designer to design the event, this year, she invited Christian Louboutin, a French designer known for high-end footwear favored by royalty and the elites, as the event's creative director.

Beatrice Borromeo in Rose Ball 2022
Pierre Casiraghi and his wife, Beatrice. Getty Images

There are always gorgeous bouquets of roses decorating the Salle des Etoiles in the Sporting Monte-Carlo complex. The Rose Ball is a symbol of glamour that maintains the fascinating Monte-Carlo legend that it has helped create.

Princess Alexandra at the Rose Ball 2022
Princess Alexandra and Charlotte Casiraghi

It attracts individuals who wish to be part of the dream and enchantment of Monaco. the Rose Ball has a different theme each year with artists and new trends. 

Proceeds from the event go to the Princess Grace Foundation, which helps underprivileged people and children in need.

Ben-Sylvester Strautmann, Princess Alexandra, Tatiana and Andrea Casiraghi

rose ball in monaco 2022
The Grimaldi Family at the Rose Ball joined by Christian Louboutin

This year's theme is "The 1920s, the Return". Members of the Grimaldi family who attended the event: Prince Albert II, Princess Caroline of Hanover, Andrea Casiraghi, Tatiana Sto, Domingo-Casiraghi, Pierre Casiraghi, Beatrice Borromeo-Casiraghi, Charlotte Casiraghi-Rassam, Dimitri Rassam, Princess Alexandra of Hanover and her boyfriend,  Ben-Sylvester Strautmann.

Princess Alexandra of Hanover at the Rose Ball 2022
HRH Princess Alexandra of Hanover

The Grimaldi ladies dazzled in their retro attire with Princess Caroline wearing art deco pieces. However, the belle of the ball for the evening no doubt was Princess Alexandra of Hanover, the daughter of Princess Caroline with her third husband, Prince Ernst August of Hanover.

Princess Alexandra of Hanover at the Rose Ball 2022
Princess Alexandra with her boyfriend, Ben-Sylvester Strautmann

Princess Alexandra was so glamorous in her red and white gown and wearing classic pieces of jewelry to go with the theme of the event. 

Princess Charlene at Larvotto Beach for Water Safety Day.  
© Princess Charlene Foundation

Princess Charlene visited Princess Grace Hospital 
©Prince's Palace of Monaco

Intrigues continue to hound the Grimaldi family as Princess Charlene has not seen joining Prince Albert II's sisters in public events. No words also from the Prince's Palace why Her Serene Highness and their twins did not attend the Rose Ball.

It's also noticeable that after celebrating their 11th wedding anniversary, Princess Charlene has not seen accompanying Prince Albert to public events.

Instead, she made solo appearances, visiting the maternity ward of the Princess Grace Hospital, and meeting newborns and their parents. She also went solo on June 30 to Larvotto Beach to meet the participants in the "Water Safety Day".

Princess Caroline accompanied Prince Albert to Vienna, Austria

While Prince Albert performed his duties accompanied by his sisters and nephews. Princess Caroline accompanied him to the Longines Global Champion Tour Grand Prix with her daughter, Charlotte Casiraghi-Rassam.

Princess Caroline also accompanied her brother to the Opera de Monte-Carlo's performance of "II Turco in Italia" at the Wiener Staatsoper in Vienna, Austria.

Prince Albert II  at the Prince of Monaco Car Collection
Prince Albert II accompanied by his sister, Princess Stephanie 
at the inauguration of  the Prince of Monaco Car Collection © Monaco-Matin

Prince Albert II  at the Prince of Monaco Car Collection
Louis Ducruet, Andrea Casiraghie, Prince Albert and Princess Stephanie
at the inauguration of  the Prince of Monaco Car Collection © Monaco-Matin

On July 7, 2022, the Sovereign Prince was accompanied by his younger sister, Princess Stephanie, and his three nephews - Andre and Pierre Casiraghi, and Louis Ducruet, at the Inauguration of the new location of the Prince of Monaco Car Collection.

Princess Charlene of Monaco NFT collection
NFT Collection of Princess Charlene  ©Junaidssart

Another intriguing image that Princess Charlene posted on instagram is an artwork by artist Junaid Senechal-Senekal showing her like a prisoner. She captioned it on instagram, "excited about my first NFT collection". Emphasizing that the artwork was commissioned by the Feed 2gether organization. Junaid captioned it on instagram, "Enigmatic Reveal".

Junaid explained that the artwork depicts Princess Charlene's personality as a unique reflection of the characteristics of human beings who sympathized with the global catastrophe of the suffering of hungry children, especially in South Africa.

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