Crown Princess Mary of Denmark Visits Greenland for WWF World Nature Foundation

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark visits Greenland

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, made a two-day visit to Greenland, a dependent territory of the Danish realms in North America, arriving in the capital of Nuuk on August 23.

The official visit was in connection with her role as president of the World Wildlife Fund World Nature Foundation which works for nature conservation and the promotion of diversity. Her visit was in cooperation with her own foundation, Mary Foundation.

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark visits Greenland
Crown Princess Mary arrived in Nuuk, Greenland

Ahead of her arrival, Her Royal Highness posted a message on the Danish Royal House’s instagram, stating, “In a few hours I will arrive in Greenland’s capital Nuuk. I am looking forward to the reunion with Greenland and the Greenlandic people. It is an exciting and varied program in the coming days, and I look forward to the many conversations with children and young people, business partners, and those I meet on my way. It will be some interesting and educational days for all of us. And of course, I have many greetings from home.”

During her visit, she attended several activities related to nature conservation and met officials, local families, and children.

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark visits Greenland
Crown Princess Mary met local children in Nuuk. Credit: Royal Palace of Denmark

She also gave a speech during a conference at the National Grief Center in Nuuk, where she emphasized the importance of conversation among individuals who have lost loved ones.

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark visits Greenland
Crown Princess Mary participated in the coastal clean-up Credit: Royal Palace of Denmark

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark visits Greenland
Credit: Royal Palace of Denmark 

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark visits Greenland

During a visit to the University of Greenland in Nuuk, Crown Princess Mary gave a speech at the UNLEASH Regional Innovation Lab Greenland, where young people from the arctic and Nordic countries gathered to develop innovative solutions that can contribute to achieving the UN's world's goals.

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark visits Greenland

UNLEASH is a global initiative mobilizing young talents in community leadership, problem-solving, and launching social and environmental solutions. 

After the formal activities, speeches, and meet-up with stakeholders, Crown Princess Mary walked around the town and joined families and school children from Aqqaluk in the clean-up drive to collect plastic waste near the beach, as part of the initiative of the WWF Wildlife Fund project to protect the nature.

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark visits Greenland
Crown Princess Mary participated in the coastal clean up in Nuuk
Credit: Royal Palace of Denmark

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark visits Greenland

According to the Danish Royal House, this project involves collecting plastic waste and identifying its source and then finding ways to eliminate waste. 

The stylish royal braved the cold weather and rain in Nuuk during the clean-up drive, wearing a khaki rain cape from Mackage and boots. 

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark visits Greenland

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark visits Greenland

At the end of her tour, Crown Princess Mary shared a video clip capturing the natural beauty of Greenland, the stunning landscapes, the spectacular sunrise, the picturesque villages, the marine life, and the natural resources. 

She also went fishing and captured the glaciers, which are prominent in Greenland lakes and oceans. The Crown Princess's Greenland visit ended on August 25, 2022.


Here's something you should know about this beautiful Danish territory in North America. Greenland is an island country that is part of the Kingdom of Denmark. 

It became a Danish territory in 1814 and was fully integrated in the Danish state in 1953 under the Constitution of Denmark, making the people in Greenland citizens of Denmark. 

Greenland is the world's largest non-continental island, and the third largest area in North America after Canada and the United States, with a total land area of 2,166,086 square kilometers.

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark visits Greenland
Picturesque villages in Greenland as captured by Crown Princess Mary

Greenland also contains the world's largest national park, and it is the largest dependent territory by area in the world. And though part of the Danish realms, Greenland actually belongs to the continent of North America and it is nearest to Canada. However, Greenland has been politically and culturally associated with Europe for centuries. 

Spectacular view of sunrise and Nuuk's picturesque villages 
as as captured by Crown Princess Mary

It is located between the Arctic and the Atlantic oceans, east of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.  It is actually closer to Canada in North America than to most countries in Europe.

It is the world's largest island and one of three constituent countries that form the Kingdom of Denmark, along with the Faroe Islands. The citizens of the Faroe Islands and Greenland are all Danish nationals.

Traveling to Greenland

When we hear the word "Greenland" we easily thought of a snow-covered place tucked in the wilderness and hills, where hiking and skiing tours are the only adventures we could do. 

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark visits Greenland
Landscape of Greenland

But Greenland is more than just a place covered with glaciers and off-the-beaten-track destinations. It offers a diverse landscape that can be explored any season of the year.

During winter, ski tours, snowshoeing, and dog sledding are popular activities in the countryside of Greenland, while during summer, cruise, boat tours, hiking, and camping are common activities.

Travelers can also enjoy the midnight sun in Greenland. And those who are chasing the Northern Lights might have a good chance of catching up with these elusive ballets of nature.

More travelers are becoming interested to visit Greenland in recent years due to its breathtaking view of nature, cold weather, biodiversity, and stunning backdrop for photography.

Greenland offers a gastronomic adventure to foodies with Greenlandic unique cuisine, fresh catch from the sea, and some farm and wild produced meat.

Today, the population is concentrated mainly on the southwest coast, while the rest of the island is sparsely populated. Three-quarters of Greenland is covered by the only permanent ice sheet outside of Antarctica. 

With a population of more than 56,000 as of 2020 census, it is the least densely populated region in the world. About a third of the population lives in its capital, Nuuk.

Denmark and Iceland served direct flights to Greenland. But travel by cruise is possible, with more cruise ship companies offering a drop-off arrangement to Greenland.

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