Moment Princess Charlotte Instructed Her Older Brother Prince George To Bow

Princess Charlotte tells brother to bow

The Queen's state funeral was the grandest royal event we have seen so far in living memory. However, though splendid, it was poignant and filled with all sorts of emotions as we bid goodbye to the much revered and loved British monarch.

It was aired live, but there were moments that were not entirely captured by the cameras. For instance, the cute moment Princess Charlotte of Wales, instructed her older brother, Prince George of Wales, to bow in front of the Queen's coffin.

Princess Charlotte tells brother to bow

We cannot blame Prince George for forgetting this significant royal protocol. The thick crowds and the grand spectacle unfolding before everyone's eyes were too overwhelming, there's really a chance someone could unconsciously forget rules. 

During the entire event, Prince George of Wales looked tense and conscious, perhaps overwhelmed with the seriousness of the proceedings. And he looked confused as the Queen's coffin passed. 

But his younger sister was ultra composed and made her cute curtsey just like everyone else, when the Queen's coffin passed in front of them. Then Princess Charlotte noticed her older brother looked so tense, so she tapped her arm and reminded her to bow in front of their grannie's hearse.

Princess Charlotte tells brother to bow
Keeping close to each other during the funeral of their grannie. And Charlotte reminded her older brother to bow 😂

You could see how little Charlotte so well taught of the royal protocol. She also held herself composed all throughout the service. Of course, we love her cute black hat! She looked so grown-up and elegant in that chic black hat.

Prince George of Wales, who is now second in line to the throne following the accession of his grandfather, King Charles III, is obviously the shyest among the three children of the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Princess Charlotte tells brother to bow
Princess Charlotte and Prince George with their mother

Princess Charlotte is obviously the more outspoken among the Wales siblings, although yes Prince Louis is a bit revelation 😄 But Prince George, the future King, is a more reserved type and always conscious of his actions. Perhaps he is already aware of his position in life and the weight of responsibilities  that awaits him when he grows up.

While Princess Charlotte wants to exercise her freedom. She has become more at ease and comfortable with public appearances and in front of the cameras.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte attend funeral
Prince George and Princess Charlotte joined the senior members of the Royal Family during the procession inside the church

It's good to know that as early as now, while they are still children, Princess Charlotte is already showing that "sibling" support instinct for her older brother. She would be Prince George's great moral support in the future.

Their sibling relationship reminded us of the young Princess Anne and Prince Charles. They too shared a close bond while they were growing up, with Princess Anne providing her older brother, now the king, with moral and emotional support.

The weight of the crown is getting heavier and heavier as royal children grow up. And it's good, Princess Charlotte, who is now the "spare" to Prince George, shows early on that she has her back for her brother to lean on.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte joined the Royal Family during the funeral march inside Westminster Abbey. They also accompanied their parents to the committal service in St. George's Chapel. But throughout the service, the siblings were so behaved. 

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