Queen and Prince Philip Will be Laid Together On Monday at King George VI Memorial Chapel

Queen and Prince Philip will be laid together

Details of Queen Elizabeth II's state funeral on Monday, September 19, 2022, have been released by Buckingham Palace and published on the Royal Family's official website.

The state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II will be on Monday, September 19, 2022, at Westminster Abbey. After the church service, the Queen's coffin will be transported to St. George's Chapel in Windsor.

Queen's funeral on September 19
The imperial state crown on top of the Queen's coffin

Prince Philip's casket will be removed from the Royal Crypt beneath the St. George's Chapel, where he was buried last year, April 17, 2021, and will be transferred to the King George VI Memorial Chapel (adjacent to St. George's Chapel).

At 7:30 in the evening, the Queen will be buried next to her husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, at King George VI Memorial Chapel, which Her Majesty commissioned in 1962. 

Together again on Monday, Sept 19, as they will be laid to rest side by side at King George VI Memorial Chapel

The following is published at Royal.UK:

The State Funeral of Her Majesty The Queen will take place at Westminster Abbey on Monday, 19th September at 1100hrs BST. A Committal Service at St George’s Chapel, Windsor, will take place later the same day at 1600hrs. 

Presently, The Queen Lies-in-State in Westminster Hall at the Palace of Westminster, having arrived in Procession from Buckingham Palace yesterday afternoon, Wednesday 14th September.

Elements of the State Funeral Service and the associated ceremonial arrangements will pay tribute to The Queen’s extraordinary reign, and Her Majesty’s remarkable life of service as Head of State, Nation and Commonwealth.

Presently, a continuous Vigil of Her Majesty’s Coffin is being kept by The King's Body Guards at the Palace of Westminster. Each Watch lasts for six hours, with individuals within those Watches keeping Vigil for 20 minutes.

The Coffin is draped with the Royal Standard, on which lie the Instruments of State, the Imperial State Crown, the Orb, and the Scepter, where they will remain for the duration of the State Funeral and Committal Service.

A Vigil around the Coffin will be held by The King, The Princess Royal, The Duke of York, and The Earl of Wessex at 1930hrs tomorrow evening, Friday 16th September.

On the morning of the State Funeral, the Lying-in-State will end at 0630hrs as the final members of the public are admitted.

At 1044hrs the Coffin will be borne in Procession on the State Gun Carriage of the Royal Navy from the Palace of Westminster to Westminster Abbey for the State Funeral.

Immediately following the Coffin will be The King, Members of the Royal Family, and members of The King’s Household.

The Procession will arrive at the West Gate of Westminster Abbey at 1052hrs where the Bearer Party will lift the coffin from the State Gun Carriage and carry it into the Abbey for the State Funeral Service.

The State Funeral Service will be attended by Heads of State and Overseas Government Representatives, including Foreign Royal Families, Governors-General and Realm Prime Ministers. 

Other representatives of the Realms and the Commonwealth, the Orders of Chivalry including recipients of the Victoria Cross and George Cross, Government, Parliament, devolved Parliaments and Assemblies, the Church, and Her Majesty’s Patronages will form the congregation, along with other public representatives.

Almost 200 people who were recognized in The Queen’s Birthday Honors earlier this year will also join the congregation, including those who made extraordinary contributions to the response to the Covid-19 pandemic and have volunteered in their local communities.

The State Funeral Service will be conducted by the Dean of Westminster. During the Service, the Prime Minister and the Secretary General of the Commonwealth will read Lessons. 

The Archbishop of York, the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, and the Free Churches Moderator will say Prayers. The Sermon will be given by the Archbishop of Canterbury, who will also give the Commendation. The Dean of Westminster will then pronounce the Blessing.

Towards the end of the Service, at approximately 1155hrs, Last Post will sound followed by Two Minute’s Silence to be observed in the Abbey, and throughout the United Kingdom. The National Anthem will bring the State Funeral Service to a close at approximately 12 noon.

After the Service, Her Majesty’s Coffin will be borne through the Abbey, returning to the State Gun Carriage for the Procession to Wellington Arch, Hyde Park Corner, arriving at 1300hrs. 

The King and Members of the Royal Family will again follow The Queen’s Coffin in Procession. The Procession will include detachments from the Armed Forces of the Commonwealth. Minute Guns will be fired in Hyde Park by The King’s Troop, Royal Horse Artillery, and Big Ben will toll throughout the duration of the Procession.

At Wellington Arch, the Coffin will be transferred to the State Hearse to travel to Windsor. As the State Hearse departs Wellington Arch, the Parade will give a Royal Salute and the National Anthem will be played. His Majesty The King and Members of the Royal Family will then depart for Windsor.

When the Coffin reaches Windsor, the State Hearse will slow to join a Procession to be formed up on Albert Road to travel via the Long Walk to St George’s Chapel, Windsor for the Committal Service. 

Members of the Royal Family will join the Procession in the Quadrangle at Windsor Castle. Minute Guns will be fired on the East Lawn, Windsor Castle by The King’s Troop, Royal Horse Artillery, and Sebastopol Bell and the Curfew Tower Bell will be tolled.

The Procession will halt at the bottom of the West Steps of St. George's Chapel where a Guard of Honor, found by the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards, will be mounted. The Queen’s Coffin will be borne in Procession into the Chapel.

The Committal Service will begin at 1600hrs, and alongside His Majesty The King and Members of the Royal Family, the congregation will be made up of past and present members of The Queen’s Household, including from the private estates. Also in attendance will be Governors-General and Realm Prime Ministers.

The Service will be conducted by the Dean of Windsor, with prayers said by the Rector of Sandringham, the Minister of Crathie Kirk and the Chaplain of Windsor Great Park. The Choir of St George’s Chapel will sing during the Service.

Prior to the final Hymn, the Imperial State Crown, the Orb and the Scepter will be removed from Her Majesty The Queen’s Coffin, and placed on the Altar. At the end of the final Hymn, The King will place The Queen's Company Camp Color of the Grenadier Guards on Her Majesty’s Coffin. At the same time, The Lord Chamberlain will "break" his Wand of Office and place it on the Coffin.

As The Queen’s Coffin is lowered into the Royal Vault, the Dean of Windsor will say a Psalm and the Commendation before the Garter King of Arms pronounces Her Majesty’s styles and titles.

The Sovereign’s Piper will play a Lament and The Archbishop of Canterbury will pronounce the Blessing. The National Anthem will be sung at the conclusion of the Service.

A Private Burial will take place in The King George VI Memorial Chapel later that evening, conducted by the Dean of Windsor. The Queen is to be buried together with The Duke of Edinburgh.

Honeymoon in November 1947. The Queen and Prince Philip were inseparable for more than 73 years until death separated them. But on September 19, they will be together again

The King George VI Memorial Chapel

This memorial chapel formed part of St George's Chapel in Windsor. The chapel was commissioned by Queen Elizabeth II in 1962 as a burial place for her father, King George VI, who died unexpectedly in February 1952.

It was designed by George Pace and the construction of the chapel was completed in 1969. The chapel was entirely funded by the Queen. It was dedicated on 31 March 1969 in a ceremony attended by The Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and their children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne.

King George VI Memorial Chapel
The King George VI Memorial Chapel

King George VI remains were transferred to the newly constructed memorial chapel on March 24, 1969. The ashes of the Queen's younger sister, Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, were placed in the royal vault of St George's Chapel on 15 February 2002.

Princess Margaret, who died on February 9, 2002, at the age of 71, was the first member of the royal family to be cremated since Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll, daughter of Queen Victoria, in 1939. 

Together again after 75 years since this photo was taken

She was cremated to ensure that her remains would be accommodated in the small King George VI Memorial Chapel. The Queen Mother was interred in the chapel on 9 April 2002 following her funeral at Westminster Abbey. 

On September 19, King George VI, his wife, the Queen Mother, his two daughters, the Queen and Princess Margaret, and his son-in-law, Prince Philip, will be together again in the chapel.

The state funeral processions and service

September 19, 2022, Monday, London, UK

10.35am The procession from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey will begin. The bearer party will place the Queen's coffin on the state gun carriage of the Royal Navy, previously used for the funerals of King Edward VII, King George V, King George VI, Sir Winston Churchill, and Lord Mountbatten. As is traditional, it will be drawn by 142 royal naval ratings.

10.44am The procession will set off led by the massed pipes and drums of Scottish and Irish regiments, the Brigade of Gurkhas, and the Royal Air Force, a total of 200 musicians. Immediately behind will walk the King’s heralds and pursuivants of arms along with officers and senior members of the Queen’s household. Immediately after the coffin will be the King and members of the royal family.

10.52am The procession will arrive at the West Gate of Westminster Abbey, where the bearer party will lift the coffin from the state gun carriage and carry it into the abbey for the state funeral service.

The congregation will begin taking their seats at 8am. Heads of state and overseas government representatives, including foreign royal families, governors-general, and realm prime ministers will gather initially at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, and travel under collective arrangements to Westminster Abbey.

After the state funeral, the coffin will be followed by the Queen’s children, led by the King in the procession to Wellington Arch.

The route, through Parliament Square, the Mall, and Constitution Hill, will be lined by members of the armed forces. Minute guns will be fired in Hyde Park by the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery, and Big Ben will toll throughout the procession, which will last one hour.

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