The Queen and Prince Philip's Final Resting Place Can be Visited by the Public Soon

Queen's final resting place in Windsor

The Royal Family released today a photograph of the Queen's final resting place. "A photograph is released today of the ledger stone now installed at the King George VI Memorial Chapel, following the internment of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth".

The public will be able to view the Queen’s final resting place as Windsor Castle tours reopen this month, at a cost of £26.50 per head, according to reports. 

Queen's final resting place in Windsor

Queen Elizabeth II's name is inscribed on the Belgian black stone slab, in gold lettering, alongside her parents, King George VI and The Queen mother, and her husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who died in April 2021.

The Queen's younger sister, Princess Margaret, who died in the same year as their mother, in 2002, also lies there. However, Princess Margaret was cremated so that she can fit in the small chapel. 

Between the two couples is a single metal Garter Star, the insignia of the Order of the Garter, the country’s oldest and most noble order of chivalry. All four were members of the Noble Order of the Garter. 

It was revealed also that the public can pay their respects to the Queen at St George's Chapel from Thursday, September 29, as part of the Windsor Castle tours. The ticket cost is £28.50 on Saturdays and £26.50 on other days. 

King George VI Memorial Chapel sits within a wall of St. George's Chapel near Windsor Castle and was built in 1962 and completed in 1969.

Now, the five of them are reunited. 

This photo was taken in July 1947 during the official engagement of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip 

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