The Royal Family Marks the End of Royal Mourning with New Profile Photo

New profile photo of The Royal Family

Today, a new era has dawned in the British monarchy as it marks the end of the royal mourning period of Queen Elizabeth II who was laid to rest on September 19, Monday.

Buckingham Palace announced:

The period of Royal Mourning following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth has now ended.

The Royal Family account will continue to reflect the work of The King, The Queen Consort and other members of The Royal Family, as well as remembering the life and work of Queen Elizabeth.

New profile photo of the social media accounts of The Royal Family 

The Royal Family social media accounts also changed its profile picture, replacing the Queen with the photo of the new monarch and his consort, King Charles III and Queen Camilla. 

Queen Elizabeth II in one of her official portraits taken in 1952 ©The Royal Family 

For most of Britons who have known only Elizabeth II as their Queen all their lives, it may take a while to sink in the reality that Charles III is the new British monarch. 

But yes, officially, the Carolinian era (the term used for the era of kings in Europe with a regnal name of Charles or Carl or Carlo) has just began and we will excited to see what changes he will be doing in the House of Windsor .

The palace also updated the cover photo of The Royal Family's social media accounts to this. 

He was known to have said in the past that he wanted to slim down the British monarchy and limit the number of working royals to cut cost.  But we're hoping he will include his sister, the Princess Royal, and the Wessexes, in the reduced House of Windsor. 

They're their strongest support as of now while the children of Prince William are still young to assume royal duties. We're hoping also he will bestow the Duke of Edinburgh title to the Earl of Wessex soon. 

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