The Royal Family Released Never Before Seen Photo of The Queen Ahead of Her Funeral

Queen Elizabeth II unpublished photo

The Royal Family released never-before seen photo of Queen Elizabeth II today ahead of Her Majesty's State Funeral at Westminster Abbey. 

According to the description that accompanies the photo:

"Ahead of Her Majesty The Queen's state funeral a new photograph has been released. 

The photo was taken to mark Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee - the first British Monarch to reach this milestone.

Tomorrow, millions will come together to commemorate her remarkable life".

Queen Elizabeth II unpublished photo
A photo of the Queen officially released by The Royal Family today 

The Royal Family didn't specify who took it or where and when it was taken. It only says the photograph was taken to mark her Platinum Jubilee celebration. 

Queen Elizabeth II official platinum Jubilee portrait
The Queen's official portrait for her Platinum Jubilee celebration 

The Queen's official portrait (above photo) released by the Royal Family in June this year to mark her Platinum Jubilee was snapped by photographer Ranald Mackechnie, and the setting was near the large windows of Windsor Castle.

Queen Elizabeth II unpublished photo
The Queen in her VE Day speech in 2020

But we speculated this was not taken this year but in 2020. Her oufit, jewelry, and demeanor were the same in the photos when she gave a speech during the VE Day in 2020 prior to the Opening of the Parliament. 

Queen Elizabeth II unpublished photo
Never before seen photo of the Queen published today by The Royal Family 

In this never before seen photograph of the Queen, a candid shot where she was captured in a relaxed mood, she wore a radiant smile and happy disposition.

In the photograph, the Queen donned a powder blue dress, her signature jewelry - the three strands pearl necklace and pearl earrings.

But the most noticeable jewelry pinned in her dress are two blue clip diamond brooches, which Her Majesty always wore in pairs. 

It's one of her most significant brooches in her collection and she wore it regularly in the seven decades of her reign. It's called Aquamarine Clip brooches. 

The Aquamarine Clip brooches

These particular set of brooches were given to her by her parents, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, on the occasion of her 18th birthday in April 1944.

It hold huge sentimental value for the Queen. She chose to wear them for her first public engagement outside Windsor Castle following the death of Prince Philip in 2021, when she gave her Speech at the State Opening of Parliament. 

Aquamarine Clip brooches
The Queen at the State Opening of Parliament in 2021, her last appearance at the Opening of Parliament 

It was her last Opening of the Parliament appearance because this year, she was represented by King Charles at the Opening of the Parliament and also read the Queen's Speech. 

The Aquamarine Clip brooches have an art deco design featuring aquamarines and diamonds in a clip style, according to the Royal Collection, this was made by Boucheron.

Aquamarine Clip brooches of Queen Elizabeth II
The Queen in her VE day speech in 2020. Im front of the table is a portrait of her father, King George VI 

Prior to the opening of parliament, Her Majesty was last seen wearing the clips during her VE Day 75th anniversary address to the nation in 2020.

However, the Queen has previously worn the brooches on a number of occasions, including during a 2005 visit to Malta.

Aquamarine Clip brooches of Queen Elizabeth II
The Queen during a visit to Malta 

Her Majesty the Queen will be laid to rest today at King George VI Memorial Chapel near St. George's Chapel in Windsor. 

The State Funeral service at Westminster Abbey and the commital service at St. George's Chapel will be aired live by different TV networks.

However, the burial ceremony at King George VI Memorial Chapel, where the Queen will be buried with Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, will be a private ceremony and will be attended only by her immediate family. 

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